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The groups at Madras, Vellore, and Coimbatore had a burden and vision not only for their own places but also for the other students in India. The representatives of these three groups launched UESI as a national movement on 18 September 1954. As they gathered from time to time, the leaders shared the convictions which the Lord had put in their hearts.


They believed that since his movement was of God, He would supply not only workers but also money and every need the work required. Earlier at the General Committee meeting in March 1954 at Coimbatore, The Evangelical Student was accepted as the official magazine of UESI.Till then for a number of issues it had been a periodical published by the Madras ICEU. Later the magazine was renamed as OUR LINK and is now published as CAMPUS LINK , the national magazine.


Campus Link is a bimonthly campus magazine, It seeks to sensitize believing college students to reason out issues,and stand for Christ, creating an awareness of UESI ministry and leading them to maturity and involvement.


Campus Link back issues for sale!


* UESI Communications Dept Committee has decided to promote Campus Link by introducing the sale of single copies apart from annual subscriptions. So, you can purchase single copies @ Rs 25/-


* Those who are interested in getting single copies for their EUs & EGFs can contact the following address for copies.


* Do specify if you need back / current / future issues. Special 20 % discount for orders for 10 or more copies!

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If you are a member, please inform your friends. If you are not a member, please subscribe.


1 Year: Rs 100; Three Years: Rs. 200


1 Year: Rs 200

10 years: Rs 1,500

Overseas – Annual: £ 10 or $ 20

Please send MO/DD/Cheque in favour of UESI Publication Trust to:

UESI Publication Trust

19/10 Millers Road, Kilpauk,

Chennai 600 010 India

Phone: +91 44 2643 3754


Subscriptions can be deposited/transferred into the below account upon intimation to campus.link@uesi.in

Name: UESI Publication Trust

Bank: Canara Bank

A/c No.: 0907101061471,

Kellys Corner Branch,

IFSC Code: CNRB0000907