Two elementary school girls were seen quarreling with each other during lunch break. They were sitting on one bench but were not on the same page. One of them shouted, “That’s not true. You don’t have proof. There is no
In one of the evening Bible studies at home with EU students who are mostly medical students, I asked them to share their visions and aims of life. Two of them wanted to start a hospital in a place with
Humans are creatures who do not like to leave things in the lurch; we want closure, we want to know what happens in the end, we want to keep things known to us. I remember watching the movie, American Psycho
Some years ago, in an Indian University, a Professor in a class of 30 Post Graduate Co-Ed students drew two circles on the floor; and he asked those who considered homosexuality right to stand in one circle and those who
The flashing news cards across the globe enlist the unending questions of the human heart. It is right to understand that sin has brought us to this juncture that none can avoid. The rich and the poor have the same
Recently at a grand event, a world leader announced, “The truth is on our side and truth is strength!”. Understandably, many found that statement bizarre. Perspectives matter How is it that common people support and get behind this propaganda and even justify