INTRODUCTION During the month of December 2021, job loss figures soared to 10.5 million salaried employees and entrepreneurs as per the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Naturally, the lingering gloom over the Indian job market remains a weighty concern among our
Career skills are usually defined and redefined every few years. This is because we live in a fast-changing world where consumers and markets are constantly evolving. Technology shifts at an ever-increasing pace and therefore the demands from an employee change,
Over the past 2 years with major technology advances a new era has begun. Amidst pandemic challenges, we have seen new mindsets being born. But complications follow on the career aspects as firms now push more towards adopting competitive, sustainable
We are living in uncertain times. In these times such as Covid, we need to learn to trust in God and move forward. For every passing tide, we need to understand the times and know God’s will for our life. One
A career does involve many different types of jobs, but it is much more than a job. A career can be defined as a journey of the entire work life of an individual while a job is short-term and for
THE CASE: From technology to operational processes to adopted business methodologies, everything has been changing in the world in the last 15 years at a very fast pace – be it in manufacturing, or servicing; with Govt and non-government sectors. Also