Concerns about privacy have grown in recent years as a result of an apparent impending loss of privacy. Every new device that makes the world a more networked place creates new opportunities for loss of privacy. Information technology has dominated
A great transformation happened along with the storm of Covid -19 - Online education and work from home. During the lockdown period, we realised that digital media has an important roles in effective education and employment also. Many became video
Social media is a channel of communication that uses the internet. Users can engage in conversations, exchange information, even produce content for the web via this platform (Reference: University of South Florida, Marketing Department). Social media comes in different avatars,
“You are what you eat from your head down to your feet”. Cal Newport, in his seminal book Deep Work, cites the writing of Winifred Gallagher to show that “our brains construct our worldview based on what we pay attention to…
Today’s youth are surrounded by and immersed in a digital environment. It is not the fault of people to indulge in it but it is the trend of the time. There are two types of media, one is Traditional and
Technology is probably one of the most incredible inventions made by humankind so far. The internet has made life so convenient, simple, and accessible, it is very easy for us to watch a movie, play songs, surf the web, and