How beautiful it is, to be in a lush green surrounding, enjoying the colors of the flowers, hearing the birds chirp, feeling the gentle breeze, looking at the far mountains and saying, “Praise the name of the LORD, what a
“I own a car and a house. I own mutual funds and stocks, and I have this much money in my savings account. As soon as I said this to myself, I heard a still small voice from behind say,
“The Christian should never worry about tomorrow or give sparingly because of a possible future need. Only the present moment is ours to serve the Lord, and tomorrow may never come
In 2019, a 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist named Greta Thunberg received an honorary title from the Lakota Native American people with an indigenous name “Maphiyata echiyatan hin win” which translates to “Woman who came from the heavens.” The reason for
God has an intent for each and every one of our lives. Any area, sphere, or facet of our existence may serve as the source of His calling. Every life that God has fashioned has a specific goal for which he
“Gold is most excellent, gold is treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world…“ – Christopher Columbus, Four Voyages “The man might have died in a fit; but then the jewels are missing,” mused the