Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!! We all make so many decisions in our day to day lives. We often experience being at crossroads with multiple options when we take an important decision. The greatest decision we will ever make in our entire
We hear people often say, “God-willing, I will do it.” This is in lieu with one of the instructions given by Paul in his letters. God’s will is adhere to the plan of God for which we are created. For some
While the pagan world of its time was groping about in the dark after God, the first words spoken by the God of the Bible are, “Let there be light.” The Bible presents God as an intelligent being, and he
“Uncle, there is no such thing as finding God’s will in marriage. I only need to know the precepts of the bible. God has given us a watch (Bible), so every time I need to know the time, why should
We all go through a process of learning from childhood, and keep learning until the end of our lives. There are Music Schools to train us, Driving Schools to teach how to drive safe and Art Schools to improve the
  What does God want you to do with your life? May be you have an idea of what He is calling you to but you’d like confirmation. Or maybe you’re not sure what God’s will is. If we want to discover