Back in the late 80s, as a child of about 11, I was complaining to my parents one day about the distance I had to walk to catch a bus for school. In response, my dad told me how he
I worshipped the god of Moab, but with a lot of questions – ‘Did Chemosh create this beautiful world? Then why do we need to make him? Does he hear when I pray to him? Then why doesn’t he answer me? Does he
Does such a gap exist really or is it only imaginary? If it is real, can it be filled, removed, or bridged? Who should bell the cat? These and many other questions need to be considered while dealing with this
One of the first things we used to do after entering our college was to see the notice-board. We would make mental notes of rescheduled classes or write down the longer notices like exam dates. It was a part of