India is home to twenty-two scheduled languages, hundreds of dialects and thousands of ethnic groups and tribes. Each of its twenty-eight states and eight union territories represents a unique blend of diverse culture, cuisine, and faith. As I look at
In Christ we, though many, form one body and each member belongs to all the others. - Rom 12:5. Esprit de corps or comradeship is a buzz word depicting a form of closeness, oneness and togetherness in human relationships. In Christian
You must be wondering how Unity and Diversity could come together at the same time? Well this is how God loves to work, doing what seems to be impossible with our eyes and proving that He’s greater than any possibility
We live in a pluralistic society known for its cultural, linguistic and other diverse attitudes, perspectives, beliefs, values and customs. Naturally, these differences have an enormous influence on our relationships and interactions with other members in our society. Resisting differences
In essentials unity, in non- essentials liberty, in all things charity - G K Chesterton. Unity in diversity is a concept that celebrates the differences and similarities among people, cultures, religions, languages and regions. The Bible reveals that God is a