Mission is rooted in the nature of God, who sends and saves His people. The Bible narrates about God as the one who enters into human history and reconciles with fallen humanity, redeems and re-establishes His relationship with His creation.
Presenting the gospel in the twenty-first century is fraught with great challenges. Conditions around the world demand creative and innovative approaches to sharing the gospel message where conventional methods seem to be coming up short with results. Secularism, postmodernism, and
Does my responsibility in God’s mission end when I have fulfilled my role in an EU/EGF committee or as a missionary student? Does it end by taking up a job as a tent maker or by joining a mission organization?
Time and again ‘Mission’ is misunderstood as being one-sided, comprising of certain verbal or non-verbal activities. It is important for us to understand the Biblical concept of Mission in its holistic sense. The effort is to understand Mission in a
What do all our lives look like? Since I understood the mission which God gave us I wonder about this question as I view my life from the past two years, where I observe various entities that cross my eyes,