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Aspired to be in Campus Link? Each edition of Campus Link is designed based on theme. The themes of next editions of Campus Link will be announced and viewers are encouraged to submit articles, testimonies, anecdotes, poems and cartoons for Campus Link.

The theme for next Campus link is out now.

Jan – Feb 2020 – Unity, Love and Prayer (UESI’s thrust for two years) 
Mar – Apr 2020 – Faith Foundations (Evangelism, Word of God, Personal Care, Moral Purity and Social responsibility)
May – Jun 2020 – ‘Preparing for the promise’ (pre-marital counselling, preparing singles for a long-lasting marriage)
Jul – Aug 2020 – ‘That Little Church’ (Uniqueness of Christian Families, values and ethos of Christian Families)
It’s time to show the world what God gave you! You can send in your articles through the form below.

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