A Test of Money, A Testimony

I was a good student in school and barely got pocket money for like my friends did. Everytime argued with my mom to so that I could have lunch with my friends. And craze for more money drove me to the extent of cheating in buying things for kitchen.

When I entered college life, as a hosteller each month I got Rs 3000-4000. My sepnding raised like, from Rs 5/- chana-samosa plate to Rs 40/- plate, dinners, & movies. As monthly pocket money would exhaust within 15 days, I borrowed from friends and returned it in the beginning of next month.

In the second year, I and took a two room with my friend who was frugal. Gradually I was freed from this greed of foods and made dinner with my own hands for me. But my greed for branded clothes and other things were still there in my heart. In my college other friends extorted money from their parents in the pretext of projects and lived a wild, some had even bought bikes.

I came in contact with UESI staff Amar Nath during my 3rd year of my college in Solan.

I also wanted to have a bike and argued with my parents many times but Jesus transformed my mind. I came to realize that greed can lead me to sin and Jesus was there with me to save me from that.

I couldn’t part with other bad habits like partying, drinking until I asked for Jesus’ help. Through this I learnt that Jesus is the only way get rid of all forms of sin. Hence I prayed to Jesus and He answered my prayer by helping me overcome temptations.

I have testified the power of Jesus to my freinds. When I discontinued my company to the habits, they bcame angry with me; many times they tempted me party and dance. Because Jesus is with me, I was able to take a stand. Sooner they started speaking among them that “Ajay believes in Jesus. He will not accompany us or come with us now to party, etc.” In due course, my buddies began recognizing me as a good person who experienced a life-change in Jesus Christ.

Thus Jesus helped me every time to speak the truth with parents due to which all problems related to money were solved because of Jesus I learnt to be truthful and without wasting money and I used in good education & training and all the exams & trainings the Lord enabled to me do well and pass.

Whenever greed pops out, Jesus would remind me that it is wrong. It has been three years that everything happens in my life is awesome. I enjoy everything that the Lord is teaching me and it gives a great peace to me.

From the way I conduct and from my perspetives, my friends could learn many good things. I have also shared with them that they too, can be different by the power of awesome God. I explained them as how Jesus could save us.

I was very happy and thanked God that I could guide my roommates towards right way of living. I am also grateful to God helping me pass my eight supplementary papers with high marks in which I had been failing till my IV semester. And in four years my degree was clear with a good percentage that I had not expected. Because Jesus transformed me from being a spendthrift to responsible student. He honored my since efforts by giving a degree with good percentage.

Jesus helped me prepare and appear for banking exams with my own earnings. By His grace I have been selected as a clerk with Punjab National Bank. I know that Jesus is always with me and he will help me to manage everything and always will teach me everything good. He has kept me away from all forms of greed and continue working on me.

Ajay_webAjay Kumar
H.P.University, Summerhill Shimla

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  • Siril
    Posted at 17:21h, 07 July Reply

    superb bro Amazing Testimony, thank you. I too have been in similar situations

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