The Failure of Israel

Israel failed and made covenant with a foreign nation.
“We have entered into a covenant with death and grave
We have made lie and falsehood our refuge so brave
No overwhelming scourge can touch us” boasted this foolish nation.

Israel stumbled over the tested stone laid in Zion,
They rejected the cornerstone, a sure foundation
Ceasing to do justice, they failed to come up to God’s measuring line,
Failing to be righteous, they went out of plumb to God’s plumb line.

Therefore the Lord will annul their covenant with death and grave,
Hail will sweep the lie and falsehood, their refuge so brave,
The overwhelming scourge that passes through will beat them down
And carry them away, sweeping through by day and by night into oblivion.

Do not make alliances with the things of this world, so fleeting
Do not depend on the lie and falsehood it offers, so enticing,
But turn to Jesus, the chief cornerstone, so safe secure and sure,
Lest the inevitable judgment of God sweeps you away forever.

Fredric Dawson is a Civil Engineer by profession, having graduated from the college of Engineering, Guindy (Presently Anna University). He was a member of Madras EU in 1953-54 and has been associated with UESI in many places like Nagpur, Calcutta, Delhi & Chennai

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