A Graduate’s take on Mentoring

The students of the present I.T age (as we prefer calling) are a herd without a shepherd. With growing infatuation and indolence, garnering students’ trust is even more improbable. With worldly mechanisms of offering perks, suitably bribing or even being servile making students more farther from nearer. There needs to be done a serious evaluation of our approach towards embracing students to Christ and His ideals of living. The most important or rather quintessential fact we forget is a one-on-one interaction with the students. We need to comprehend that Mentoring must be the sole goal of a senior in building up an amateur.

I (Kenneth) have a wonderful mentor Mr Vivek Ekbote to guide me in almost all my major decisions and life circumstances. It is my privilege to have interviewed my own mentor on ‘Mentoring’. kenneith

Kenneth: What, according to you is Mentoring?

Vivek: A mentor is an able guide and help in the areas a student needs. It’s all about placing oneself in the shoes of students and making them feel comfortable for a transparent relationship. Mentor takes efforts to understand a SWOT of the person. It’s imperative for a meaningful relationship.

Kenneth: That’s splendid anna. What is your methodology of Mentoring?

Vivek: First of all, a reasonable classification is absolutely nece-ssary. I try to understand the students’ perception, openness, seriousness, involvement, and other key aspects. then relate it with them through my past at the same juncture. If I am with a 10th std student, I adjust myself to his thinking process. If I’m with a final year Engineering student, I step up my gears into more of practicality and intellectual stimulation.

In its long process, my first step is to get as close as possible to the student through starters like talking informally about about Quiet Time, fellowship. Then slowly I share from my past experiences, too.

Kenneth: That’s purely sacrificial! What are your expectations after Mentoring a student?

Vivek: After a few meetings with them, an increase in sense of seriousness & eagerness are what I look forward, as I do. I would expect them to be frank and confide in me as they share their lives with me. I admire those who keep timing. In the later stages, I wish to see them mentoring other students.

Kenneth: What are some of the gravest challenges you’ve faced as a Mentor?

Vivek: Primarily, I see clash of commitments, work pressure, family to care for, and other demands have always been on my back. But Praise God for my wonderful wife and children, they totally understand my calling. Keeping confidentiality is also a challenge as the mentor has to be careful not to even outline their mentees’ weakness to others.

Kenneth: Who was your first mentor and how did he impact your life?

Vivek: My very own brother in Christ, Dennis Devaraj, an EGF member in Belgaum, is my mentor. He has been with me even in the smallest of events and also in major life altering happenings and decisions. He’s still my mentor. We now follow peer mentoring process amongst ourselves. I am blessed through all his hard work. Now when I mentor students, I can really feel how he mentored me. While mentoring students this makes the job smooth.

Kenneth: Any concluding note you’d give to our readers?

Vivek: Just be patient with the students, they will surely open up if you tap the right side of the coconut shell. It is very important that more time be put in mentoring students than other activities we have for them. Gaining their trust sets the ground. Even our physical appearance, our dynamism, and our smiles reflect a lot about us. Be a student to get a student to Christ is all I’d say.

Kenneth: Thanks anna. I personally am privileged and blessed to have learnt a lot from you.

Kenneth Mirajkar & Vivek

Kenneth is a final year BE student, is also the treasurer in the Hubli ICEU, Karnataka. Vivek works as a front office executive manager in a Hotel. His wife & he are blessed with two beautiful kids, Nikita and Jaden. As a family they involve with the Hubli EU and EGF.

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