A Literature Secretary for Christ

I clearly remember that day when I attended the Committee Members Orientation Programme (CMOP) of Trivandrum ICEU. I saw some new faces here and there and smiles filled the hall. That day’s morning devotion made me comfortable and I was thrilled. I did not have much idea about my role and as I eagerly waited, my name was called out for the role of Joint Literature Secretary. The excitement left a loud OMG scream in my head. I knew that I was not at all worthy to be there but rested on the fact God had a plan for me as this was a God given responsibility and not a mere task.

In fact I did not have any idea of the roles of a Literature Secretary and how a committee functions. But the duties of the Literature Secretary were carefully explained at the Orientation Programme. The Literature Secretary should be a good reader. He has to promote good Christian literature, UESI books, booklets, magazines among EU members; organise an EU library and so on. My reading habits were not very good then and the responsibility bothered me. As I heard the tasks, I kept wondering how I would do this.

Reading is something which makes our mind and soul strong. I started by contacting the UESI Kerala office and Kuruvilla Uncle began to send me State and National literature materials (‘Aware’, ‘UESI InTouch’, ‘Our Contact’, ’Campus Link’). Wherever EU book stalls were kept, I used to buy a bundle of books. I started exploring and read many Christian books. Wonderfully and meticulously, I could slowly see the changes in my life, in my perspectives and ideas. Each book strengthened me and the thoughts from these books would get into my nerves, making me joyful. Each time I read these books I was able to connect with God’s Word and praise Him for being the Awesome God. In Matthew 5:18 it says: “For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one title will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled”͘ I was reminded how His promises will stand forever and I’m grateful to God for the wonderful ways in which He works in me.

Regarding the EU library, I started making a list of books and maintained a small record. Later I started introducing books to ICEU Committee members and other EU members. I got an opportunity to do book reviews and suggest people books according to their needs. Once on a Sunday afternoon during the ICEU meeting, I did a book review on the book “Does God exist? Has He spoken?” by L T Jeyachandran. It was all because of His unending grace that I could do these things for my Lord.

As days passed by, I could see my reading habit improving. Rather than a pass time, it was a time with Lord͘. In 1 Tim 4:13, it says “Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine”. Here Timothy was encouraged to read the holy books as Paul saw it significant to Christian living.
I encourage all EU members to read newsletters and magazines of UESI and IVP books. They could mould us to improvise our vision towards His plans. Let’s ask God for help as we read as it is He who speaks to us. 1 Samuel 3:10 says “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” Samuel’s attitude shows us a good model to have as we read these books. A glorious pursuit behind reading could be to advance in divine love, and not just acquire learning and indulge in curiosity.

I encourage each one of you ‘to carry the habit of reading with you as you would carry a flower from a garden of pleasure’ and may God help you to be faithful LITERATURE SECRETARIES FOR CHRIST!

Daniel C, is Follow up Secretary of Trivandrum ICEU and SSC member representing Trivandrum ICEU. Doing B.Tech 2nd year

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