We might have heard of the popular saying “Joys are doubled and sorrows are halved” when they are shared. This becomes true when one gets a listening ear and a soothing shoulder, to either share one’s excitement and distress. Every individual needs a companion who not only walks around with him, but also takes care of him. Glimpsing through the pages of our Holy Scripture, we find wonderful truth about companionship. King Solomon recorded the facts about companions in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and also in his wisdom book, Proverbs.

A good companion is one who

1. Lifts you up (Ecclesiastes 4:10)
Life is not a smooth bed covered with soft roses. Misfortunes and afflictions often knock our life’s door and enter, without any prediction. Very few withstand and face such situations but many fall as they are too weak in spirit and in heart. They long for a hand to lift them up in such situations, to encourage them and to comfort them. A good companion can meet this need. Remember Jonathan who stood by David’s side, when David’s life was in threat? Jonathan’s words comforted David and he proudly stated that the love of Jonathan towards him was wonderful and surpassing the love of women. (2 Samuel 1:26)

2. Standing together against enemies (Eccl.4:12)
Some situations if not withstood have the capacity to overwhelm and topple us. One cannot stand alone against such invisible enemies that encamp around us. We need a companion to join hands and add strength to face such bewildering circumstances. While penning, thoughts swirl around Daniel and his companions, who together stood against a seemingly life-threatening situation in Babylon.

3. Sharpen skills (Proverbs 27:17)
Every individual is unique. A wise friend can identify his companion’s skills and talents and encourage them to sharpen those. With proper training and education one can raise to a level where their skill can be exposed for the glory of God, when encouraged by a good companion.

4. Moulds (Proverbs 27:5,6)
A good companion watches the walk of his friend and if he finds anything that would cause stumbling, he will correct his friend. Jonadab failed to play his part as a good companion to Amnon, son of King David. Jonadab’s crafty counsel resulted in a huge loss not only to Amnon but to the entire nation of Israel. It’s distressing that in today’s world, many youngsters are having companions or being a companion like Jonadab by giving and accepting unwise counselling. But in truth, a good companion moulds an individual.
Dear students, beware of having foolish companions like King Rehoboam, whose lack of wise counselling led to the partition of a great nation. Our touching stone, the Word of God, doesn’t omit the topic of friendship. It vouches for friendship by saying “Two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). We can proudly say, as Christ’s disciples, Christ called us as friends. John 15:15. Let us ask ourselves:

  1. Do I have the Biblical standards of companionship?
  2. Do I have companions who in times of distress, motivate and correct me?


Mrs. Raj Kamal Petro is a home maker actively involved in EU/EGF ministry in Thoothukudi along with her husband Mr. Joshua. She writes articles and translates books.

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