All About Faith (Fullness)

Campus Link is growing, big in size and wide in circulation. It is all because of you dear readers & writers! A noteworthy aspect is an overwhelming response in article submissions, especially from Students.. Your positive responses keep us move forward to serve you better. May I urge you to travel with us, continuously.

Excellence becomes aspiration of all, in various spheres of life – for God’s people inevitably so. We all have multiple roles at home, work place/campus, and in ministry. Our longing is to excel in every effort and endeavour. While juggling umpteen responsibilities we manage some of them well and not all of them. Biblically, excellence is closely connected with faith and faithfulness. Both, faith and faithfulness, are derived from the same root in Greek, pistis. To the faithful people of God, excellence is not an option but a worthy obligation for all effective pursuits in all aspects of life.

Jesus Christ, our Master having set a model before us, will reward us based on the faithfulness displayed in our lives, relationships, and missions. Hence, we can never aim for less than giving our best. Excellence is a visible version of our faithfulness – an outward expression of our faith in the Lord and faithfulness to what He has entrusted us with in the campus, family, ministry, and work.

The dragon we need to defeat is the tendency of compartmentalization. We may concentrate one and ignore other aspects. While one becomes excited about ministry responsibilities he can never afford to  be uninterested with the mundane official responsibilities, or vice versa and perform poorly. The power of resurrection is in abundant supply to us to explore ourselves . All that we are and all that we do are the ways of acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives. Giving our best is a mark of discipleship. Aiming excellence is not to show who we are but, to magnify who our God is. Let’s give our best for the sake of our faith, letting it speak!



John Jebaraj James

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