“Am I safe?”

Addiction is one of the many struggles for many. Today, fashion and technology have strong grip on our lives, in their absence life seems to become dull. The younger generation feels that without these life is incomplete. WhatsApp, Facebook and internet. These apps have brought the world very close to us by connecting us with our childhood friends and relatives anywhere in the world. Uncontrolled usage of social networking apps have invaded and destroyed individuals and their families. These apps have become irresistible and inseparable and are even being used during Church services, sessions in camps. Consequently these apps can gradually take us away from God and His Word. Instead of studying the Word of God, spending times in prayers and having quiet time we are more prone to spend times in chatting on mobile through face book and WhatsApp.
Why People get Addicted:
Addiction out of frustration: Frustration can be of anything. Some children carry a lot of negative pain in their minds. May be because of unexpected behaviours of known people like physical and sexual abuse, unfulfilled desires, they are forced to take the courses they don’t like and fail in the exams, or unable to get a good job etc. Such baggage can lead to frustration and ultimately to become addicted to drugs or may lead to behavioural disorder. Right parenting according to the Word of God is the demand of the time. If we discuss the matter in the family at dining table and have a regular fellowship around the Word will protect our generation. The problem is that many families do not discuss the issues together or they do not have family prayers. Thus they are missing the fellowship and this is leading them to individualism.

Relief from pain:
Our society considers alcohol as a means of relief from pain and worries. Thus drinking alcohol is a better remedy they feel. In Hazaribag there is a village called, Adra. Here most of the people belong to the poor class. The wrong practice in this village is, they get Rs. 250, one lunch and a litre of alcohol as their daily wages. It has been practised for generations. These poor people do not realize that taking alcohol will affect their families, their physique and the future generations, too. Addiction will make them socially marginalized. The permanent solution is to come to Jesus who gives rest to all.

Matter of Fashion:
Smoking and drinking are today’s fashion. Peer pressure is the driving force of our youth. In parties and festivals drinking and smoking are common. Indulging for the first time is fun but it leads to addiction.

Consequences of Addiction

  • Loneliness: Because of his/her peculiar behaviour he/ she keeps aloof and lives in solitude
  • Sleepless nights.
  • The family bond is broken. Gives birth to fight, commotions and increase in the divorce rate in society.
  • Distrust to parents, children, relatives, friends, society, church and offices.
  • Become pale-looking and malnourished and sickly.
  • Makes him/her steal and indulge in theft.
  • Loses health and welcomes untimely death.
  • Holy Spirit is grieved.
  • Destroys the temple of God (those who are believers).
  • Becomes rebellious to God and does not accept the power of God.

Where do we stand?
This is the question that every one must ask to oneself. If we are not addicted to anything what are our responsibilities to the society and to those addicted people? What is the demand from God? These are the questions we may ponder over them.

permodPermod Kumar
The author is UESI staffworker based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand with his wife Elina and little boy Paritosh. Elina works as an assistant manager in a bank.

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