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Be Occupied with the Word

Living has become easier in this present time than during the days of our forefathers because of the high techno world and people seek for the things that can bring pleasure and give less pain to make their life smoother. Many a time we fail to realize that one can be drawn away by his/her own small desires. When one becomes obsessed with his own desire and pleasure, the thing which was once small becomes too large to handle and eventually controlling oneself. If a person becomes so much occupied and starts involving in something habitually under compulsion it is evident that the person is a slave to it.

But the Word of God tells us not to be a slave to sin. In the past addiction is usually associated with alcohol, tobacco or some drugs but now it refers to any obsession other than God, – goals in life, relationships, work, internet, sports, exercise, shopping, etc., This addiction is a battle with sin that takes place in every human heart.

The Scripture says that when we have God, we have everything. What a privilege to be called God’s children as we have everything in Him. We need to keep ourselves busy as a disciple and so to be addicted to anything other than God is wrong. We can overcome these cravings by being engaged in God’s forgiving Word where there is encouragement and strength and leads us into the right path.

Mary Chinneithiem Haokip
The author was Member of Mohanpur ICEU, WB, completed Master’s in Horticultural Science. She is from Manipur and involved with UESI since 2010.

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