Let me share some of my experiences as a Christian teacher with you.
In Tamil Nadu: By God’s grace I was saved while I was working as a teacher in a government high school, near Villupuram, Tamilnadu. I left that village after serving there for more than five years. Many years later I visited that place. When I met one of my old students, I enquired about him and his parents. He told me that his aged parents were under his care. I asked him why his elder brother who was a government servant was not taking care of them. I was amazed by his reply. He told me, “Sir, when I was your student, you once said in our school assembly, that children should honour their parents to be blessed and enjoy a long life. That is why I am looking after my parents who are neglected by my brother.” In a neighbouring country:

After some years, our Lord took me to a neighbouring country. First my wife and then I got the opportunity to work in a school near the Indian border. While we were there, I conducted free English classes along with Bible studies for two local college students and they also enjoyed our hospitality. One student was already a believer from a non-Christian family, but another one was a non-Christian. Now, by God’s grace the Christian student is running a Mission, rescuing people from the kingdom of darkness. The non-Christian student became a child of God, and is working as a school teacher and planting churches. Glory to God!

After two years, I got an opportunity to serve in one of the best schools in the interior of that country. Meritorious students from all over the country are selected and the economically weak students receive scholarship. Even class five students do experiments on their own in the school laboratory. God gave me the privilege to work there for two years. When I was appointed, they told me not to preach the gospel in that school. There were a few Christian day scholars and a church nearby. So I conducted regular Bible studies for those Christian students in that church. One day, while teaching a lesson on ‘Population’ in class 5, we had a discussion on the causes for increase and decrease in population. One student said that ‘suicide’ is one of the reasons for decrease in population. Another student- a girl said that she wanted to die. After questioning her, I found out that a particular TV programme had influenced her to take that decision. I took it as a good opportunity and shared the story of Joni. I told the whole class how she became a quadriplegic in her teenage, wanted to commit suicide, but found peace and hope in Jesus and serving the differently-abled people throughout the world.

During the Christmas, I gifted New Testaments in their native language to my colleagues in my Department and they received it joyfully. At the time of completing my contract period of two years, the whole school conducted farewell meeting for me. I took that opportunity to present Jesus Christ as my ‘true friend’ along with my testimony and His second coming.

Suggestions to Christian teachers:
The door for evangelism is not locked even though it may be closed. So be prepared to share the good news of Lord Jesus Christ with your students whether the time is favourable or not (2 Tim 4:2 NLT)

Remember the fact that you are the most influential person in the lives of your students. So set good examples for them by being honest, sincere in your duties and helping the needy ones.

Pray for the salvation of your students. – “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy“ Psalm 126: 5

Look for opportunities to share the stories of Christians such as Joni, Nick Vujicic, Social reformers like Amy Carmichael, William Carey and Christian scientists such as Louis Pasteur, George Washington Carver, Isaac Newton, Allan Sandage, Dr Atomic Chuan Tse Leow, Francis S. Collins.

Dear teachers, your contribution in their lives of your students is more than that of a doctor. “It is not like injecting serum or administering a year’s dose of vitamins, but you take the living mind and mould it”.

As we read in Ecclesiastes 11: 4-6, let us sow God’s word, both in favourable and unfavourable circumstances as the salvation of a soul is a miraculous and mysterious act of our Almighty God.

Let us believe Psalm 126:6. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall douwwbtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.“

Mr. Jebaveeran, and his wife Baby are living in a North Indian city with their youngest son. They are ministering to young people including university students.
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