Born to Soar High

Addiction of any kind comes as an obstacle to whom God wants us to be. Addictions never vanish at a thought and on the other hand it gnaws at your inside as the knowledge of the fact that it isn’t good for us remains on the inside. For years I searched for the best way to get rid of them. In the end I realized that the answer was right in front of me. There is freedom in Christ and whom the Son sets free is free indeed!! So why go looking for other solutions? Remember, it is the Word of God that sets us free. Here are some solutions I found.

* Acknowledging that we are in bondage and that we need freedom from it is the first step to living a life of freedom.
* Stop staying in the guilt of sin but rather seek God’s help. There is Hope! Renounce it in Jesus’ name! (James 4:7)
* Every morning start your day by spending time with God and surrendering that particular day into His hands. And wait for God to speak to you through His Word.
*Don’t stay in the company of friends who have no plans of quitting these addictions. Flee from that place even if your ears and eyes itch to remain there. This helps our physical self to move away from the temptation that’s at hand.

Every time Satan comes to tempt, maybe through old friends or with material things that remind you of your past, do what Christ did. Rebuke it with God’s Word! This is one of the most efficient means at that moment. (James 4:7; 1 Pet. 7:18, 19; 2:9, Rom. 8:11,36)

For times like this memorize few powerful promises that God has given to you through His Word. Remember that there is freedom in Christ and the evil one can’t snatch that away from you!!

Joanna (2)Joanna Shalom John
The author is currently pursuing her masters degree in MCC, Chennai. She served in UESI for her internship.

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