A Christian Student and Campus Politics

Published in Evangelical Student (March – June 1970)

A University or College Campus constitutes a Society. Students make a large part of this society who together with their lecturers are in the pursuit of knowledge. The curriculum is moulded to provide an organised and systematic form of education. A Christian student also belongs to this society but he or she is one who has the new life in Jesus Christ and therefore, has a vital role in it. The same gracious Christ who has translated an individual from darkness into this marvellous light makes total demands. This is also a challenge for a Christian in a campus society.

Christian student in a non- Christian campus society.

 It is Jesus Christ who calls Christians to get involved He says, Ye are the salt of the earth but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted. (Matt. 5:13) The savour is the Christian presence. The call of Christ is to dissolve in society without losing the Christian savour. If Christ has to be glorified and confessed by more students as their God, Master and the Lord in the campuses, then every Christian student (also the lecturer) has to get involved in the whole running of the educational institution and society. This involvement begins and ends in Christ for its aims, objectives and means have to be Christ centred.

There are many spheres in college life where students make great contributions. One such sphere is the Students’ Union or Representative Council in a campus. In most cases, this body comes into being by the exercise of student franchise in electing their representatives (but there are Colleges where authorities appoint them, for an academic year. All approved constitutions of these bodies are drafted for the betterment of the student community and to provide a bridge, between the staff and the management. The call of Christ in campuses is to get involved directly or indirectly. It is commonly said that politics it a crooks’ game It has turned out to be so, because we have them (the unsaved) to play this game. Wherever. compromises have not already been made, the Christian student is permitted to step into politics – even standing as a candidate. That itself would be a testimony that students who come into the living experience of Christ’s salvation from sin, are not “disembodied spirits.”

The increasing state of confusion in Student Councils resulting in strikes galore and unrest demands that Christian students should show them Christ’s way of achieving targets or needs. A Christian in a Students’ Union or Council would be in a position to have a say in any issue that springs up in the campus society. A true Christian is transparent in his views and stand A campus is a training ground to face life. A Christian student who dares and cares to make a stand in the campus society will honorably and humbly serve Him later in his post-college years. Only a few would assume leadership but the others have to play their part in the College community.

How do you go about it? As Christians, we are called to be wise and ask the Lord when we lack wisdom. One should take these few suggestions very seriously into one’s consideration for involvement in campus politics.

(i) Set your perspectives right for involvement for the glory of God.
(ii) Seek God’s will for the realm of your involvement.
(iii) A careful study of your campus political atmosphere. The Holy Spirit is available for your discernment of the situation.
(iv) Build up a testimony by life and lip. A good student wins the confidence of his fellow students,  his professors and authorities. This may take even a year but it is advisable to step in only when one is sure.

Christian involvement has to be undertaken only with a complete sacrifice to the Savior. When one or more Christians are completely committed to campus society to share in its successes and failures, its triumphs and defeats, then, and only then will they be able to show others the necessity for the transforming power of Christ in the individual, if society is to achieve its goals.

So EU friend, have you realized that Christ has placed you in your Campus with a purpose? Have you loved the inmates of your Campus as Christ loved us? Have you cared to pray. . . for the society within your Campus? Then, look to God to show you YOUR role in the Campus politics.

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