Christians, Politics, and the Society

“Politics is more difficult than physics”. . . Albert Einstein
The recent elections results in the five States once again attracted the people’s attention about politics. Politics is all about electing leaders to rule. In the Democratic system, it is the will of the people that prevails. Power comes from the people. Majority prevails over the minority. Whoever gets the highest number of votes will win.

For many people the word “Politics” is disgusting because of various reasons. The majority of people believe that all politicians are corrupt. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Is it the same with the Christians too? Are we having any responsibility towards our political process?

The answer lies in the Word of God. God’s Word clearly tells us that God is sovereign and He is the ruler of all the nations. He appoints the rulers. (Daniel 2:21). Especially the books of Minor Prophets speak about Israel’s morality, ethics and justice systems. God has much concern for society and people’s lifestyle. He has punished Israel for their sin, oppression and exploitation and kings for their unrighteousness. So how can we understand the present politics in the light of the Word of God? God is expecting His people to be light and salt of the society. The light expels darkness and salt preserves the food.

In Democracy, the government has to work under the constitutional framework and for the welfare of the people especially for the marginalized sections and poor. As Christians and active citizens of the nation, we have to lend our hand towards nation’s progress. Our social responsibility does not just end by the voting but it starts there and we have to take a participatory role by giving the opinion and raising voice against injustice and putting our ideas in enacting right legislation.

If we see today’s politics, people often regret of the government that they have elected. Their dissent reflects in the form of indifference towards voting and participation in the governance. Though the democracy has the tinges of fall and sinful nature, it has the potential to bring changes into the society if it is grounded in God’s character and biblical principles and committed people who have a heart for the people.
Democracy is a good opportunity for the common people to raise their voice and strive towards justice. Let us also be a part of the system for fulfilling God’s image in people’s life and pray for our authorities and rulers (I Timothy 2:2) for wisdom and justice in their administration.

KPR Joseph Abhishek

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