Conscious Christian lifestyle

The top 1% of India have 73% of India’s wealth when 70% of Indians are poor! We live in a country with steep wealth divide. The response of Christians matters and in particular to student community.

It is seen that the poor opt to study in government colleges and universities because of economic factor than study professional courses like Engineering, Medical, MBA, etc. Some of these students work part-time like taking tuitions to send money home and further their studies. Experiences usually makes them more responsible.

Rich or middle-class students are usually exposed to at least basic comforts and entertainment. They have a positive start in life by ambitious parents who provide for every need. To get absorbed in our own worlds, it might be difficult to open one’s eyes to the real needs of others’ and feel God’s heart.
Psalms 113: 7 “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;” In what ways can we partner with God to raise and lift? It is essential to consciously choose a responsible Christian lifestyle. It is wise to have check points. Do I eat out a lot? lot of movies? Lot of gadgets? Expensive birthday party? How does Kingdom values influence the way I spend money and make a statement in a poor country?

In EU/EGF do we sometimes make Freshers’ Meet, Christmas programmes, etc as extravagant events? A low programme budget calls for more creativity and good planning. Quality ≠ More Money. Jesus used five loaves and two fishes’ to bless five thousand!
One statement from CMTC stays with me, “When God blesses you monetarily, it is not the standard of living that should go up but rather the standard of giving.”

Manasi Mahapatra is a graduate of Cuttack EGF and works at Ravenshaw University

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