creativity articleGod has created us in His image with an inherent ability to be creative to excel in our responsibilities. The Bible records a group of
people who were creative and excelled in their work. God gave Bezalel and Oholip Spirit-filled abilities in artistic craftsmanship. Joseph was filled with the Spirit of God to interpret dreams for a king and prepared a nation to survive the famine. David was a talented musician, played harp and wrote many psalms. Prophet Nathan tactfully spoke to King David and made him realize his grave sin. Solomon was patron of the arts who built the Temple in Jerusalem. Nehemiah was a brilliant planner, organizer and motivator under whose leadership the wall around Jerusalem was rebuilt in 52 days. Paul learned the tentmaking trade and wrote letters to churches which became part of the New Testament. Above all Our Lord Jesus had creativity. Most of his life was a carpenter probably a craftsman. Wood was medium.

Jesus worked with His hands and also worked with His mind. He was able to keep the great minds of the church of his time ticking over with profound questions when He was twelve. But He also found deep satisfaction when he was craving at the carpenter’s bench.

God is the Master craftsman, the whole creation is His handiwork and we are the masterpiece of  His creation bearing His stamp of Creativity. Irrefutably God has endowed all of us with the ability to be creative. Highly skilled and talented athletes lose their abilities if their muscles aren’t toned by constant use. Likewise, we will lose our creativity if we don’t put them to work. Our creativity is improved by exercise, but failing to use them causes them to waste away from lack of practice and nourishment. God is concerned about the quality and beauty of what we do no matter what is our role. Our work should reflect the creative abilities that God has given us. Bob Moawad says, “Creativity is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.” So let’s use our creativity and give our best as gift to God.

About the Author

Bhaskaran, The author hails from a Hindu background accepted Christ as personal saviour through UESI camp. Completed Masters from BHU, Varanasi. Curently working with UESI-TN coordinator at Perambalur. 

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