Editorial – Belief and Superstitions

Interestingly, many may not identify with the theme of this edition -Belief & Superstition. The fact of the matter is, along with cultural baggages we carry, some former practices are tagged. A superstition can be an outlook, performing certain things in prescribed formula and in some cases, it may be refraining from doing something.

Certain superstitions camouflaged as genuine belief find place in our minds and acts. Many superstitions have religious connotations, even among Christians, quick-fixes are prevalent. While Belief in God directs us to God, superstition diverts us from Him. Be it any kind, it endangers us by shifting our focus from faith to works. This dwindles our dependence on God, slowly.

In our personal relationships, experiencing God’s attributes, enjoying the meaning of His names will enable us to anchor our lives in Christ thus keeping the pseudo-spiritual activity and superstitions away. You can get hold of a copy of Spiritual Disciplines Handbook 3 from IVP India and read the entire section on A-Z of God’s attributes, you will be amazed. There are more reasons to worship God. We need not seek any shortcut. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! The all-poweful and all-sufficient God hedges around His children.

Articles in this issue unfold insights ranging from Biblical history to present day spheres. Read and share your mind with us to grow together. Through a brainstorming during the Communication Dept meeting, themes for future issues of CL have been identified. We have also planned for effective online engagement of readers through social media and websites. We are grateful for the young & dynamic team which dares to dream BIG and do BIG, to cater to the needs of our primary readers.

Hon. Editor

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