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Editorial – Let it flow

The sovereign Master Craftsman, without any raw material, brought everything into being. There is beauty and order in whatever He created; above all every one of us is uniquely crafted with different colours, tastes, interests & abilities. We all showcase His creativity in the way we are and move. Aren’t we beautiful? Only one ‘Me’ in the entire universe. We perceive a variety of approaches in the way God communicated and dealt with human beings – different kinds of demonstrations, expressions, illustrations throughout the Bible. There are many genres in the Bible. It is not one single discourse or narrative. But there are more to it.

There is no stereotypic in which God has interacted in Biblical history and in our lives, for instance, the way the Lord met us. His  act of creating is perpetuated through us. Responding to the needs around us in contemporary and relevant manner is mandated of us.

The art, technology and other media are God’s gift to us, which need to be used creatively. When we hear the word creativity, media, entertainments & Ads flash in our mind having exploited the ability to sell their products or philosophies. They influence the minds and change the lifestyles. Creativity is largely used to mint money. We have to re-create or redeem streams of media & art. Our approaches to people must be creative i.e., relevant, palatable and mind-penetrating. Being creative requires time & discipline. The indwelling Spirit of God will give us fresh insights from the living Word to make the most of our efforts fruitful.

However, imposing creativity just for the sake of it, is also dangerous as Anand David has cautioned in his article. It is from our lives & conduct that the creativity springs forth. A perfect balance between creativity and quality content is the need of the hour.


P. John Jebaraj James
Hon. editor

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