Editorial – Raising Generations

Jesus’ working on the band of twelve, would have been quite a task as they were from different walks of life, profession and with varying interests. Eventually Jesus turned them out as those who turn the world upside down. What an amazing Mentor our Lord is! The awe-aspect, as we are aware, is that He never gave up on them owing to their failures and disappointments. The life and ministry of our Lord were of immense influence on the disciples in their making. As said, Jesus’ words interpreted His works and His works demonstrated His words.

As a young believer, I joined a college in a city new to me, wherein I began to see the open homes. Though I was not acquainted much, seniors’ initiative to take me to their homes was a stunning experience to me. Such homes showered personal care in full measure: I received invaluable inputs related to campus life, ministry, etc. There were affirmation, encouragement, correction out of genuine concern. Their investment in my life has contributed greatly to what I am today.

This moved me to extend such a care and nurture to my juniors, too. Those are the days having a telephone at home was a luxury, and not many seniors had it. Either we had to cycle to their homes to meet or graduates should come to our hostel. Even with limited communication means, our relationship was intact and intimate. Their lives, sacrifice, values and passion for God & His work have made a lasting impact on me.

I am part of a host of fulltime workers (UESI staff, pastors, preachers and evangelists) who were nurtured and brought out from the same EU. My (our) seniors have seen the fruit of their labour, a dividend for their investment!

The Bible unfolds umpteen examples and principles on mentoring, of which some are discussed in the articles in this issue. For the Gospel to impact, our priority must be on mentoring as it produces quality disciples who walk the way of their Master.




P. John Jebaraj James


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