Editorial – Wanted follow worthy models

In a medical shop, two seniors engaged in an enthusiastic conversation reminiscing their early days, before their medicines were delivered to them. They fondly recollected a few occasions of their time and concluded that the present period is not as good as was theirs. Their happy dialogue ended in a deep sigh and sympathy for present generation. Is this not common in the realm of ministry, too? The history of UESI, celebrating its 60th year unfolds umpteen role models from its inception. For instance, name any of the founding fathers, the stand they took, the sacrifice they made and the commitment that moved them forward, influenced many. They were inspiring role-models who drew many folks around them in realizing an evangelical student movement in India. As we gratefully acknowledge their contributions, we need to play our part thoughtfully. We are responsible for this generation and the succeeding generation as disciples and stewards.

Jesus lived by His impeccable, self-giving example. His model ignited the passion in the twelve, which consumed them to the extent to lay their own lives for their Master’s cause. Eugene Peterson, in his book, A long obedience in the same direction has used two terms for discipleship: disciple and pilgrim. We are people who spend our lives apprenticed to our Master, Jesus Christ in an ever growing and learning relationship.

As a pilgrim one spends his/her life going someplace – going to God, and whose path for getting there is the way of Jesus Christ. People, especially youngsters around us look for role-models. While we observe/ capture traits of others, we also knowingly or unknowingly leave an impression we leave about us and our faith. We do influence; but we need to ponder on the kind of impression we make. Our lives can be a guiding star for those groping in darkness, answer to those stumble in doubts and encouragement to a young disciple. Read on for more insights to be the best you can be as a role-model.


P. John Jebaraj James

Hon. Editor

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