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Enter the Entertainment

Sixty years of God’s faithfulness to UESI! We thank God for the magazine ministry of UESI since 1954, over the past 60 years. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of readers, writers & CL Teams and especially my predecessors.

Entertainment is a buzzword today, everyone likes it. The very thought of it may bring a kind of ease and sense of relief. The world is at its best in exploiting every form of art for its advantage. The concept / content presented is an outflow of the values and belief system of the providers.

Today, audio-visual is the highest hit, especially among the young people. The gadgets with entertainment features have become indispensible. Movies and social networking gain stronger grips over people – both young and old. Entertainment becoming more sensual, it has a potential to influence our senses and determine what we must look for, talk about, listen to, etc.

Entertainment is often meant to be a hobby or relaxation, beating boredom. Nevertheless, the possible impact it would make in the realms of mind and value system has to be evaluated. Without a proper check, life can become unbridled as the difference between entertainment and entanglement is feebly thin.

The prompting of the Holy Spirit must govern us to identify rightful fun which does not deviate or deter walking with God.

As God’s people, our role calls for a right knowledge and exercise. We are commissioned to be agents of change. Redeemed redefinition of arts and media is part of God’s agenda, which needs to be explored to its best. With the user-friendly technological tools, mission advancement is not impossible. To set us on the go, paradigm shift – elevating from the receiving end to giving end – is inevitable.

Read on to benefit from our authors’ insights and share your comments to serve you better.

P. John Jebaraj James

Hon. editor (john.jebaraj@uesi.in)

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