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EU Friends, You can do it!


Students who find it difficult to study can pray fervently to God in this regard. I will also share my 5 concepts of studying that I’m prasticing:

Setting objective: An objective is something that you hope to achieve in the future. Bear in mind that your objective should be realistic. Unrealistic goals can never be achieved and can only upset you. Pray before setting your goal.

Working towards the objective: The objective cannot be achieved unless you put some effort to realize them. Setting a timetable is also one way of working towards your goal. Plan everything before you act on it. (Luke 14: 28 & 29).

Monitor your performance: With your objective and schedule, you should be working well towards achieving the desired results. However, it is essential that you also monitor your performance every now and then. This will ensure that you are on the right track. This can be done only with the help of God who pours out wisdom to His children. vijay-andrews

Adjust your objectives: As times goes by, certain things will change. Nothing in this world is permanent than our God’s Word. If this change happens to you and you find that your performance is not measuring up to your goals, then you may have to adjust your goals with the help of God.

Compare your results against your objectives: No matter what results you get, always compare them against your goals only. Never compare your results with classmates because you are different from others.

If your results match your goals, Congrats! If not, ask yourself why? Pray fervently and reset your goals.

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