From Addiction to A Hobby

~ How Christ was glorified through my new hobby!

There are different types of addictions like smoking, drinking, porn, watching T.V, sleep, coffee etc. For me it was something really unique and more terrifying (at least from my perspective). It almost became my Idol. Many people had told me that anything that takes your space and time is your idol or god. Frankly speaking I ignored their words. My addiction was to watching shows (English- American and British, Asian especially Korean) in Netflix, YouTube and even in Amazon Prime Videos. You may be wondering how silly this addiction was. Well, for me it was causing a great amount of internal dangers which I did not realize until a sister in my church in Bangalore helped me. Praise God for her! It was also her idea of starting my present hobby – BLOGGING! In fact, I hated writing and I am really poor in English grammar and spellings. I would never have imagined that I would enjoy this so much though my English had been horrible.

So, coming back to this so-called dangers that I faced in watching movies, 24×7, let me jot them down for us all;

  1. When you watch a show for the whole day – you lose out TIME! Remember people you have only about 24 hrs a day
  2. It’s ENDLESS! If you are done with a current season, you can always go and watch the next season or maybe you can start another show based on the same genre. It’s crazy!
  3. SELFISH, the moment we fix our eyes in these shows, the only thing we end up doing is just watch, watch and watch. We won’t care whether our parents are calling us or whether we need to spend time with our friends or siblings.
  4. GOD– Most of you may not realize this but when you open to read the Word of God or when you sit for prayer, the images or visuals of what all you saw may come and distract us! This is most dangerous! (It actually happened to me!) Remember I Cor. 10:31
  5. DISTORED REALITY – All these shows have totally wrong concepts of love, life etc. They give us a false hope of marriage, life, love etc.

I was liberated yet I was literally facing withdrawal symptoms. I really didn’t know what to do with the spare time I had in my hands and struggling to come out of the earlier hobby (funny right?!). Well, that’s when the same sister suggested starting a blog. Since then I have been able to invest my time doing something to glorify God. I have been spending so much time with the blog that helps me keep remembering the Word of God. Whenever tempted, I pray, “Lord, Help me! I want you to be sweeter to my taste than any entertainment the world can provide. Lord I help me in my inability;

Lord I need your help to glorify your name through everything I do!”

Let this be our prayer too: Lord, turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways! (Ps. 119:37).
Nikita is a B. Tech graduate in Computer Science, living in Kerala and was active in Trivandrum ICEU as prayer secretary and treasurer during her studies.

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