Harmony in Words & Works of Jesus

A Big Challenge to the Jews

In the New Testament, we often find Jews confused about Jesus’s identity and doubting Him. We find them frequently asking questions to Jesus about who He is, who give Him authority to teach and to do the kind of things He did. In the last few verses of John 10 we find the Jews coming to Jesus and asking Him to clear their suspense and let them know who He is.

Jesus, many times during His teachings claimed Himself to be the Son of God when He referred to God as “Father”. He did many works fitting this claim. Here, He openly challenged the Jews (John 10: 24 onwards) to believe in Him as the Son of God either by His word (claim) or by looking at His works. Jesus’s actions had become His identity as the Son of God. His works proved that He is the Son of God. The words and works of Jesus were in such a harmony that He could challenge the Jews to believe who He was by either of them (John 10:24-25, 37-39). He gave them the option: believe My words or believe My actions. Jesus also said that His works gave witness to His words about His claims and identity as the Son of God. The Jews had no need to be in suspense (v.24). They could believe in Him by simply looking at His works even if they didn’t believe in His words (v.38) because they gave away His identity.

This teaches us that harmony in claims and works is of great importance. Our lives and works are watched by many people wherever we go – whether at home or in schools, colleges, at work places, church, society, etc. We claim to be believers, evangelicals, UESI members, leaders, ministers, etc. at numerous times and at numerous places. The questions arise: Are our words (claims) in harmony with our works (actions)? Do they match? Do our actions support our claims? Do people get challenged either by our words or by our actions? Do our actions become our identity like it was for Jesus? Can we say like Jesus, that our works prove who we are?

Through His challenge to the Jews, Jesus made it clear to us that actions have the power to let others know, understand and believe (v. 38). Actions can thus be eye-openers, mind-openers and heart-openers. Actions not only speak louder than words but can also bring better result than words, making one’s identity clear and removing the suspense or doubts others might have.
Students and graduates, husbands and wives, parents and children, ministers and laymen are not only hearing the words of one another but also watching the works. Thousands of eyes are watching us. Our actions have the power to become either stumbling-blocks to others or eye-openers.

Our Master lived such a consistent and harmonious life on earth that He could challenge His enemies to cross-examine His words and actions. So, as His followers let us live such a life, that our works prove our words, and our works become our identity, and there may be no dissimilarity in our actions and announcements. Let our actions speak that we are God’s children and disciples of Christ.

 “Martin Christian serves as Office Assistant at UESI Gujarat Office. He and his wife Rita are blessed with two daughters Shrusty and Dhrasty.”

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