How can I? Unless someone guides me

(A cry of a student…. From Acts 8: 26-40)

An Ethiopian, who is in search of finding real God on his way back from Jerusalem, was burning to find peace in his life. He had emptiness in his life, though he had been working under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians. He had a desire to worship the real God and as a part of his search went to Jerusalem. He had some portion of the Scripture in his hand and he has been reading it for a long time without understanding. Being a gentile, he could only enter the premises of the Holy temple at Jerusalem, but could not have an experience in his own life. Not knowing the real gospel he is going back to his own country with great disappointment. God looked at him and heard his cry. He intervened and called His disciple Philip to help him and show the way to Salvation.

In obedience to the call from God, Philip left his comfort zone, and chose to stay even in the desert. Philip gave his valuable time to guide the Ethiopian. He invested his time, on one student and shared the gospel and nurtured him by travelling along with him for a period of time. Philip Introduced Jesus in his life, by explaining him from the Scripture which he had been reading. During the course of their discussions, all the doubts were clarified, and transformation took place in the Ethiopian’s life. Hope & courage have come into his life and at one point, the Ethiopian himself asked Philip whether he can be baptised. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour and with a sense of satisfaction and confidence came out of water and went on his way to his country. History reminds that the Ethiopia is the first Christian country, and it was made possible from his life.

Every year lakhs of students are going out from colleges without knowing the saviour, with great disappointment and emptiness in their lives. They all are crying deep in their heart and each student is saying that “How can I, unless some one comes to us and guides us”. In India still so many colleges and universities do not have any christian work. Statistics says that only 5% respond to the gospel who will share the good news to others. Who will respond to their cry. Is their cry lingering in your ears? Harvest is plenty, but workers are few. When Jesus saw the people, living like sheep with out shepherd, He was moved with compassion and sent His disciples out in two by two. Are you serious about the need of the hour? Are you ready to meet our brothers/Sisters like Philip did? If one such person knows the living God, the whole town /district would become His disciples. God is looking for one such Philip to nurture them and to transform our country for the Lord. God is not interested with a big group to make an impact but He is very much interested to work with an individual to change the nation. Through one Abraham, the whole generations were blessed. One Noah made a big ship to save people from flood. One Moses, one Joseph and one Daniel, one David, and so on and so forth. History says that God raised individuals and could make a greater impact in their generation.
Why can’t that one person be you. God is looking for such Philips. Philip did not see the results but he did what he was supposed to do in his time. As a result one country became a christian country.


syam-b-pattapuSyam B Pattapu
Program Manager,World Vission

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