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X: God, you’re on FB? But you don’t seem to be active on Social Media.. Not many “Friends” in your Facebook account..
God: I do have good friends though; consider my friend Abraham.

X: Let me check out… He doesn’t seem to have a big crowd following him on Twitter, neither an image of a congregation nor does he seem to have posted a sermon, or uploaded a testimony… How then do you call him Your ‘Friend’, God?
God: That’s not what defines friendship with me. He heard me when I called. He followed me where I led him. He knew my power to do what I have promised; and I ‘liked’ that. And you know what, I wouldn’t keep back from him what I would do.

X: That is truly a ‘Friend’. Unlike the many “friends” we have on our Facebook accounts.
God: Do you see him camping in tents, moving around as a stranger, though he could have well afforded a mansion of his own?

X: Why so, God?
God: That’s the way he posted his comment for his true home – the city with real, eternal foundations that I designed and constructed for him. He ‘liked’ it, before he saw it. And when he saw it, he cheered!

X: That’s incredible, God. We’re kind of used to liking only what we see, specially the latest images. More the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, better is the image considered to be. That’s what keeps us active on the FB.
God: But how many have an active “F” account?

X: “F” ??
God: F is for ‘Faith.’ It is the evidence of unseen things. Their images are only imagined, yet believed upon enough to live by. Yet, I wonder how few of Faith accounts shall be active when My Beloved Son comes again to your planet.

X: I’ve got a brilliant idea, God. Get more active on social media. I bet you’ll get a big crowd following; and many people will become active in their Faith, too.
God: Do you want to know how active I AM on FB? Open my Group named “Christians” and you’ll see how big my crowd is.
And while it opens on your screen, let me tell you that to make friends with them, I threw open My Heaven’s Gates that was locked for millenniums, to send my Son. And He veiled Himself into a man, and was born as a tiny babe in…

X: In Bethlehem! I know the name of the place, God!
God: Then you would also know how He suffered, and even laid down his life, so that all people could be able to connect with me.

X: Yes, God, he died on the cross… I know… and then rose again on the third day… Ah! Here opens the ‘Christians’ Group… It’s bigger than the number can appear on my screen, God! (That’s why my 4G took so long!)
God: Yes, that’s how social I AM.

X: Whoa, God! How do you manage such a big group, God, and what’s the speed of your connectivity?
God: It’s IG.

X: “I”??
God: “I” stands for ‘Infinite’. Cause that who I AM, so is my speed.

X: But God, many Christians aren’t visible on your Friend list in the ‘Christian’ Group… is it still ‘opening’ some more?
God: No. Do you see the asterisk mark near the Group name? The footnote is in my B –“B” for Book; in John 15:14.

X: Okay, let me check it out. “You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.” And what are the commandments, God that would make them your ‘friends’?
God: It’s right there in John 15:12. “This is My commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”

X: You mean they need to love all the other members in the ‘Christians’ Group if they want to be a part of it?
God: Yes, the way I have loved them – without considering their looks, occupation, status, language, church affiliations, or even what wrong things they did in the past. And – no asterisk marks there!

X: But that’s quite difficult, God. Based on these very factors, we make friends on our groups…
God: Well, that’s precisely the reason their requests are still pending.

X: I see…
God: Selfishness, Bitterness, hatred and any other Virus that is not true love, brings disconnections in my group. So I haven’t given permission to them.

X: But how can we love people after they have hurt us, and caused harm to us?
God: Just the way I love and forgive. Not remembering their wrongs. You just have to Select and ‘Delete’ the wrongs. And – also from your Recycle Bin, so that you don’t restore those hurts to their original locations. Then accept them, because I have also accepted and loved them.

X: Only then would you confirm their Friend Requests?
God: Certainly. Cause that’s the way the ones outside would know they’re mine.

X: Well, as for me, I find it almost impossible. You know God, I’ve tried to do so in the past, and have miserably failed. My storehouse of love is exhausted to the core.
God: You don’t have to use your own. It’s mine that you have to draw from. I clearly see how dry your oasis has become. That’s why I send the river of my Holy Spirit right inside of you, to splash you, fill you, and flow over, to satisfy the many thirsty ones all around you. Allow him.

X: I would, Lord. But look at my wall, Lord – how people tarnish it.
God: I’m always watching your walls – 4D. Don’t you know the builders I have sent for you? They are faster than your wreckers. I have gifted them to help you, to build up your Faith account. They will teach, rebuke, correct and train you from my Book. Receive their help, and stay connected.

X: Yes, Lord. I’m holding on. But what about those, who say they are “Christians”, but aren’t in your Group, God?
God: I know those who are mine. They keep away from viruses. They are fully protected, and therefore have clean systems.

X: But how do I know who are real friends of yours?
God: Check their profiles, to see whether it’s changing – becoming more like that of my beloved Son.
The more you know Him, the clearer you’ll see who are his. The more you connect with him, the brighter you will shine. And the more you let my Spirit change you, the more you will reflect his beauty.

X: Gee, thanks God! That sounds a big help.
God: For sure.

X: Lord, I want you, I need more of your help.
God: That’s why I sent my Son, Immanuel – I AM with you. And I send you another Helper, so that you would be My home, and I would be your home.

Preeti Arpit_pp
Preeti Khristmukti
The author is a staff with UESI based in Nagpur.She and her husband Arpit are blessed with two kids jason and susan.

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