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The September gone by saw significant moments in history of UESI. UESI’s IVP India Book Room was declared open to the public on the 59th Founding Day of UESI in the Silver Jubilee Year of UESI Publication Trust. Receiving Bennet Memorial Award for Campus Link during Kingdom Media Conference in Delhi was another reason to rejoice.

Along with the editorial team I’m grateful to our writers and delighted to share this honour with them. Leadership Team training in Delhi in (7-19, October) unfolded many insights and imparted a greater vision. All the learning through lectures, interactions, and dialogue with leaders of some Christian organizations have imparted a load of lessons for effectiveness and professionalism.

A recent India Today’s lead, Bribe Republic exposed corruption in many Indian systems. There are many other challenges we face today. What is alarmingly short today? Is it not the core of integrity? When we look at the issue it is not mere external; they are from the deep-rooted nature. Those who are refined inside only can bring about change outside. Change from within will be permanent and more powerful. The task for us is to cause change.

We as transformed men and women who uphold biblical values in their personal, ministerial and professional spheres will be agents of change. Our nation needs 24×7 Christians and the Church at every helm of affairs from Monday though Saturday. Our engagement for God’s sake  and becoming role models is the need of the hour. What inspires people is P.E.O.P.L.E. Our calling is to be the people of integrity whose life will infuse wholeness among individuals and into the systems we are part of.

Jesus’ calling the tiny group as ‘salt and light’ has certainly sociological implications in its holistic connotation. Though the group was small, their impact was great. How do we engage our profession? What motivates our students to give their best? The Christian perspective of ‘looking beyond the immediate’ must be ingrained in mind so as to direct our life moves. Get ready, as this edition triggers your thinking for action!

P. John Jebaraj James

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