Interview with Dr. Bonik

Bonik Chandra Brahma, IFS. Deputy Conservator of Forests, Social Forestry Division, Moradabad. (UP)

Wife: Mrs. Rani L.P.

Brahma Sons: Mark D. Brahma Jabez R. Brahma

1. Can you please explain your encounter with UESI?

There was a classmate who was an EU prayer secretary in shillong ICEU.He continued to invite me for 2 years to come to ICEU. In 1986, I started going to EU meeting, gave my life to the Lord during the evangelistic camp in October. That brother had been relentless for Christ to catch me. His name is Janang R. Sangma

2. Could you please share some fond memories you cherish about UESI?

Between 1987 and 1988, I travelled with the staff worker Rev. Malsawma to different places in Meghalaya and Assam. When I saw the humility of UESI graduates, it struck me. While returning, some graduates gave pumpkins to us. When the bus could not go further due to a traffic jam, we had to carry the heavy pumpkins of love and walk for miles. Tough walk!

3. What motivated you to take civil service as your career?

I got selected as a soil conservation scientist in 1996. Since I was doing my PhD in Remote Sensing Applications in Environment, I thought I could serve in the forest service. Hence I joined Indian forest service in 1997

4. How did civil service help you in nation building as a believing Christian?

We are taught to think globally, but act locally. In Public interaction kind of services, if you have compassion for poor, then, you will do your best to help them locally. You stand as a witness for God when you help them. That way, you help them in nation building beginning With smaller deliverables.

5. What are some of the challenges you face as a believing Christian civil servant?

Maintianing your integrity and ethics is the toughest area a civil servant will face. there are 2 directions: with the stream or against the stream. You and you alone have to decide. No one else will decide for you.

6. What is it that keep you going in this tough situation?

Prayer and preparedness. As a believing Christian I am prepared to face any kind of situation. Also prayer is something that changes situations and gives inner strength.

7. What is your advice to EU students who aspire for civil services?

Count the cost first. Why do you want to join the civil service must be very very clear. What is your motive? Don’t think that the world out there is charming. Consult with true and believing graduate civil servants to know all positives and negatives first. Then only you should decide.

8. Anything you would like to share to UESI constituency?

Dear UESI, you are God’s gift to the campuses of the nation. Your sweetness, care and love will melt the hearts of many and they will say, “I believe in God, because of you.” May your love for the Lord and for people and your endeavour for the campuses change this nation.

Interviewed by Benalin, UESI staff based in Varanasi

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