May be it’s God’s will?


The morning dawn woke the tall green trees that covered the rocky mountains, among the beautiful radiance of the sun stood the country’s well known university. Though the university incorporated a multitude of students in different streams of Engineering, there were two pearls among the pebbles that embraced the institution not only to complete their studies successfully but also to spread the Gospel among the student community.

Rajesh, a studious and God-fearing guy led the fellowship in Boys hostel. He accepted Christ as his personal Saviour during his 12th std, since that day he had been sharing the Gospel with his friends. He was handsome, well mannered, and very active, well accepted and loved by all his classmates and professors, too. The other one was Rosy who had a great zeal for Christ from her childhood; she led the fellowship meet in girls hostel. She was a silent, responsible, active, average classy girl liked by all. Rajesh and Rosy were members of the District Fellowship Group representing their university. Every month they met regularly and in all district level fellowship meetings their support was extensively noticed. They both became good friends, they attended the same church, too, so whenever they met they discussed how to improve the fellowship and nurture it spiritually.

The elders of the fellowship were so proud of having those two in their group and were really amazed to see their desire to do for Christ at this age. At this stage Satan planned to put off the fire of Christ that was burning in their hearts.  As usual, on a Sunday, after the Church worship, Rajesh and Rosy discussed the fellowship and departed to their respective hostels along with their friends. As they were walking Satan worked his plan through their friends, “Rajesh. . . do you love Rosy?”, same was asked to Rosy too, “Rosy . . . do you love Rajesh?” “No way!!! . . . we are just friends, we attend same fellowship and church. That’s it. We don’t have any intention of love,” both said strongly. But Satan threw the words through their friends subtly, “Hmmmm . . . both go together for church, for fellowship and any district fellowship meeting you both represent our university. . . I think, you both were made for each other. . . Maybe it’s God’s will too, think why He should make you both join same college, same fellowship and same church too. When individually you both can do so much for God, as a team you can do even greater things so only God would have brought you together,” Both strongly denied the thought of love, life partnership and reasoned if so God would have spoken to us, and moved to their respective rooms.

During the night when both tucked themselves into bed. The words of their friends flashed through their  memories. . . both stopped and thought over those golden words “Maybe it’s God’s will. . . and the devil’s trick did work. Rajesh browsed through his mobile gallery and found few pictures of Rosy, for the first time Rosy looked beautiful to him. On the other hand Rosy too, thought the same and was turning the pages of her book, when suddenly a photo of both at a retreat popped out, as she gazed at the picture Rajesh did look attractive to her. Till this hour Rajesh and Rosy were good friends have met and spoken many times but never were they attracted to each other, but after the poisonous words of their friends they were deceived and appeared attractive to each other.

Now the task is who is going to open up their love first, Rajesh or Rosy? Next Sunday after the  church service, while walking back to college, Rajesh boldly started and was surprised as well as happy to know Rosy was also planning to propose to him. They both were overjoyed and from that day on, their zeal started to deviate. They organized the fellowship as before but the spirit in the meeting was lacking. They started to hang out daily, have late night chats, Sunday dinners, etc., Their time spent with God reduced. Soon their contribution to the fellowship diminished slowly, they missed their regular prayer meet and even their contribution to the district fellowship became less. Their testimony was deteriorating day by day. As days went on the intimate lovers began to argue and fight over petty  things, their ego made them stay silent for weeks too. The zeal they had for Christ and to spread His Gospel faded off their lives, Satan grimed with success.

The strangeness in both was noticed by the elders in the District Fellowship Group thus they decided to talk to both of them. They called both of them individually and enquired, they went in utter shock on hearing their story and their misguidance as God’s will, and they counselled them individually. The next day they called them together and spoke and made them understand how to know God’s will, as these two never prayed about it nor waited for an answer from God because their friends told they assumed so. They advised them to be careful about their testimony and asked them to pray to God with their expectations in regard to a good life partner and surely He will provide them with the right person. They told them to forget the past and reconcile to God, start their journey again in Christ as He will lead them through and warned them to be careful. They reminded them that the purpose of them two to serve God. He knows our needs and He will provide us with right partner of His choice in His time. Then they all knelt down and prayed together, tears rolled down the cheeks of Rajesh and Rosy as they reconciled to God over their mistake. Rajesh and Rosy stepped out as new friends with the same zeal for Christ they had initially.

This is a critical age in which we fall for tiny temptations, without knowing the true path we may indulge ourselves in problems and later regret over our mistakes. We too may be misguided many times by our friends or self thought, on the assumption of ‘maybe it’s God’s will’ in many instances. As the Bible states ‘Remember your creator in the days of your youth . . .’ (Eccl.11:9). Let us remember we are here to spread the Gospel and lead a testimonial Christian life. When our individual relationship with God is good we can surely differentiate between spirituality and sexuality in our youth ministry. If we still have problems lets open up with our elders in church or fellowship, surely they will have a solution.

SenthilAbout the Author

B. Senthil Kumar, Vellore EU

(Based on a narration shared by one of my friends during a UESI programme. Names are changed)

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