How much is too much?


(A prize-winning article in Communication Workshop 2014)

India truly is a diverse nation. It boasts about unity in diversity but the stark realities beg to differ. On one hand we have long lines of obese people waiting for bariatric surgeries to curb food cravings. On the other, new reports talk of entire villages and districts suffering from malnutrition, starvation and hunger deaths.

City people boast of owning high end cars, comfy homes in posh neighbourhoods. They worry about thieves, boredom, addictions and lifestyle disorders and spend copious amount of money to alleviate their “stress.” The constant struggle to have more has infected everyone. A billionaire when asked what he would want replied “just a little more money”. It’s good idea to apply brakes on our aspirations. We can enjoy the journey to the top slowly. In racing ahead, one can be lonely up there. Rather, it would do a lot of good if we help the Oliver Twist’s imploring ‘please give me more’ Hoarding of wealth by private persons and mismanagement in governance
have brought much harm. Both poverty and plenty bring misery. As Indians, we need to be careful not to take more than we need and to share with the underprivileged brethren. It pained me as a reader to learn of diseases of the rich and malnutrition deaths of the poor in a day’s edition.


Jeslyne Issac

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