Is the New Creation Experience Scientific & authentic ?

I conducted a sample survey when among 20 Christian children who are in the school final with a few questions: Which do you consider as real?

a) When you combine two parts of Hydrogen with one part of Oxygen, it forms water

b) The Lord God split the Red Sea long ago, for the Israelites to cross on the dry land? All the 20 alleged, without any hesitation, that the first proposition is absolutely correct and real. No element of doubt about it. Then, 6/20 ardently said that they were not very sure of the second proposition. 4/20 said that it defies the law of nature, 10/20 said that it must be true, because they are taught in the Sunday School as such.
It is so appalling to note that American statistics illustrate that beyond 14 years, about 80% of American children have categorically refused to go to church. When they reach college years, none of them attend the churches anymore. When “Answers in Genesis” a Christian organization interviewed thousands of Teens and College students, everybody acknowledged that “Theory of Evolution “ was definitely true and the Bibles stories are unequivocally untrue or mere fiction.

Recent statistics have shown that transformation in India [not by coerce nor by coaxing] have been the highest among Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists in the 20th Century alone than in previous centuries.

Is the “new creation” theory, a hoax or a trick? Or perhaps the transformation experience is not as true as the scientific facts ?

The “New Creation “experience is highly scientific and absolutely genuine and scientifically verifiable.

In order to prove that something is scientifically correct, it should have the following elements and characteristics:

  1. Make Observation: In an IVF [Intervarsity Fellowship] survey, hundreds of members testified that their desire for knowing JESUS occurred when they observed the changed lives of lecturers and fellow-students
  2. Think of Interesting Questions: When Paul Sudakar asked Dr Radhakrishnan, the ex-president of India and a renowned Oriental philosopher [whose student he was], that he had mastered the Hindu Scripture and still did not know the true God and with no hesitation, Dr Radhakrishnan, recommended, “Study the Bible”. Chores of people like Sadhu Sundersingh, Akbar Huqq, Billy Graham, William Booth, have asked interesting, conflicting, puzzling questions, prior to their commencement of the journey to know Christ intimately. This is the same experience of hundreds of believers today.
  3. Formulate Hypothesis: Madam Bilquis Sheikh [wife of Pakistan’s former home minister] felt an evil presence in her garden accidently heard of the Bible which could give her delightful peace. So she said that if she would read the Bible, she might get comfort and solace. This was the hypothesis that she framed. With insurmountable difficulty, she obtained the Bible and found it was meticulously correct.
  4. Gather Data: Bro. Bakt Singh was very sceptic about Christianity and hated Christians. Being an engineer, he naturally wanted to gather a lot of data to test his hypothesis that Christ was true. In the University of Winitoba, Canada, where he studied, he gathered a lot of data to find fault with Christ and His salvation. Finally he gave up, because he realized that Jesus was undoubtedly true and surprisingly his own collected data helped him to accept Christ.
  5. Develop General Theories: Mart De Haan of RBC and Rick Warren, Wiersbe and dozens of other preachers have developed their own convictions to propagate the Gospel effectively, after firmly convinced that Christ is true in all situations and circumstances.
  6. Replication: If H2O was true hundreds of years ago, it is true even today. Therefore, if the Rules of the “New Creations “were true over the past centuries, it is true even today. So the test for replication is dramatically fulfilled in Christianity as well.
    Millions of inquirers have gone through this process and found that the very “born again “experience is scientifically correct. It is not surprising because our God is a God of all Sciences, because he initiated it.Source: Wikipedia and dozen other WebsitesProf. Dr. M. J. Kumardoss
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