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One Rule One Way!

Life can be simple if we manage money wisely. There is only rule – Don’t Spend More Than You Have. It doesn’t matter how or in which way you spend it, if you spend more than you have, you will end up in deficit or in debt.

So, then, how should I not spend more than I have? Spend your money where you need it NOT in where you want it. Being brought up in a poor family, I learnt the difference between NEED and WANT at very early age. Need and want are so different of the time. I never have what I want though I have what I need. Money will never be enough if spent it in what one wants .

Now, how do I know which one is what I want and which one is that I need? Before spending, I must ask, “Why”. Why to buy that particular thing? Why to spend in that particular way? For example, you may need a laptop but you may want an Apple Macbook. So, when you ask yourself why Macbook, you will get the answer – because you want it!

I know that, all of you know what I have said so far. That’s why I said it is simple. We can’t control ourselves in spending money in what we want and we end up in debt. Don’t we?

So, the rule is Don’t Spend more than You have and the way to follow that rule is to set your heart right with God. When my heart is set right with God, I spend my resources, including money, wisely and there is no mismanagement.

Consequently, I have the heart of giving. My friends, it is equally important that we not only manage but also give! We should have the habit of giving to God not because God needs us, but because He has already blessed us abundantly. Jesus said, for where you treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matt. 6:21). Is your heart right with God? Where are you storing up your treasures? In God or in goods?

MOMOSON (2)Momoson Tontanga
Momoson is doing MBBS in Ranchi. He is also serving as president of Ranchi ICEU and chair of the National Students Cell & PTCM Scholarship Cell.

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