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The present generation is obsessed with an intention of bringing their views immediately to the media via face book, twitter etc. Selfie is a way of portraying their own photos within a second to view by multiple viewers. Inner thirst of people is to become popular within a moment in the social media by posting different things to attract the viewers and also quantify their success by counting the number of likes and dislikes.
Intension of showing in the social media about our achievements, wedding photos, ‘U’ tube message etc. is good but more than that there is an internal significant thing to be opened and shown to the world that impacts and bring the light to the world. Let us see the three important components that we give to this world that we get it from the Lord…


The word ‘secular’ has made no room for any religious or Christian view in this world. Within last two decades, the secularism developed Godless society. Even the secular parents stop mentioning about God to their children. If this situation persists then the world will surely forget the word ‘faith’ and ‘God’.
In such cases, a Christian believer has to show Godly deeds, character and words to the world that the faith in God transforms our character and society. Let us open our faith window so that the light that received from the Light of the world Jesus Christ shines out to dispel the darkness in the world. Let the people who are walking in the darkness see the wonderful light through our lives.

“Fast and furious wins the race” is the attitude of present generation instead of “slow and steady wins the race”. The social media has become one of the tools for arousing emotion of younger generation by sending provocative messages that contribute disharmony, chaos and problem to the ordinary people. The absence of forbearance is clearly visible in different episodes like ‘Umbrella campaign”- Hong Kong, “Fatal shooting of Black teenager” – Fergusson, ‘Uprising’ – Bahrain, Egypt and Syria.
Christians have a role to play to reimpose the forbearance in the society. Jesus Christ has shown His forbearance even though we denied and rejected Him. He hasn’t destroyed us in His anger. He left ninety nine sheep and searched for a wayward sheep. In the same way we have to open our heart to show patience towards the present generation through our forbearance.

‘Yoyo’- “you’re On Your Own” , YOLO –“You only live once” – These Acronym is equivalent to selfish independent life without thinking about living a present life in a proper way and also living without thinking of future life to come. In short, enjoy the present life in whatever way you want because it comes only once. This leads to nihilist view of believing in nothing, have no loyalties and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy.

As a Christian believer, we have known the purpose of being in this world and also known that we will have a life after death through Jesus Christ. We have a responsibility to proclaim His good news to others. It is not to be silent spectator like Esther who was enjoying the queen’s royal throne without knowing the outside world, unless Mordechai warned her. After that she initiated fasting and approached the king for her life and for the lives of her own people.
Now that, God has endowed us with His royal position of His salvation and accepted us as His children, we have to proclaim His Word and eternal life to this generation.
Let us recommit our faith on Him, be forbearance with the present generation and focus on Him so that we can show to the world what God gave it to us in our lives.

peter-d-josephPeter D Joseph is an Engineer, working in WA health – Perth, Western Australia. Part of FUESIA ministry. He is married to Pearline Peter and blessed with two daughters Praisy and Princy.

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