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Profanity in College Functions

Q & A

Q: Students organize various college functions, where they have fun, vulgarity, obscene dances and unwanted activities in the name of cultural activities. We, first year students are forced to take part in them. How do I as a believer stand as a Christian testimony?

A: All cultural activities nowadays are based on the movies, as the movie makers have covered almost all the spheres of culture. This media has influenced all walks of life starting from politics to chit chat. We have known that government functions included cultural shows based on movies; but now actors and actresses are now the chief guests of such functions. They now dominate business advertisements, promoting the educational institutions, etc. as they have captivated the minds of the people. So no wonder, college functions are influenced by them. Leave alone college functions, look at how the cinema has influenced the nursery school functions. People of this world know only those things and nothing else. They can show to others what they have known.

Cultural programmes in colleges are conducted in order to develop the talents and skills of the students. If these are done constructively without obscenity, it would help the student community. But they are not so nowadays in general; believing students face the challenge of indirect force to participate in them and watching them. What does a believing student do when forced? You can take up responsibilities which will not demand your involvement in the stage performance. You can also avoid viewing unwanted performances. If you have stage skills, exhibit them in such functions, by singing Christian songs or playing skits with Christian values. You have the opportunity to present the Gospel/ Christian values without much expense. Do not be afraid of your friends’ kidding. When the worldly people are bold enough to present vices in the name of virtues, should we not be bold enough to present the Christian values? What you all the believing students in your college need is to be united in this venture and to do it prayerfully. Believing students do not have to shun such opportunities. How and when else will you live as a walking epistle?

When we cannot prevent water becoming poisonous (worldliness), we can show there is an antidote (way of Christ) for the poisonous water.
First year students, when you are forced to do certain things which you think would spoil your testimony, take the help of senior believing students and pray with them. Not just in the campus functions, opportunities abound even outside the campus to witness unwanted scenes and to hear impolite words. If you all believers can jointly think of representing to college authorities about this, they may possibly take steps to avoid unwanted elements taking place in college functions. Make an attempt. You will definitely make an impact. Even if they do not, they will at least understand that there is a group of youngsters who hate profanity.
Though we are in the world, we are not of the world (Jn. 15:19; 16:33; I Jn. 4: 4, 5). Let us fill our hearts with the Scriptures so that we will not fall prey into the trap of this world. We may simply say ‘avoid such functions’; but I would say ‘take that an opportunity to stand as a Christian witness’.
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Athma SorubanAthma Soruban,
UESI Staff based in Chennai.

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