RUTH, A Peak Performer

ruthToday, Indian`s workforce is attracting the global market, because India has more than 60 crore people within the age of 25 years. Hence India is going to contribute to a larger extent to the global work force in the future. As the International Women’s Day was approaching, I started reflecting on one prominent woman in the Bible who later became a great blessing to the whole mankind.

What is seen in the Christian world around today is that there is compartmentalization of life purpose and performance. In this context, I wish to share an insight that impressed me. Zig Ziglar quotes in his book, Better than Good that the way a lot of people live today is that there is a small portion of overlapping of passion purpose and peak performance; But we should strive for a life style of 100 percent overlapping of the three :passion, purpose and peak performance (3 ‘P’s). I see that there is a good overlapping of all the three in the life of Ruth. I recall the mission of UESI. . . “to evangelize post-matric students in India, nurture them as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may serve the Church and the society”

Otherwise, it is developing Christian leaders for the nation and for the Church. I believe that the leaders we develop should strive for a perfect balance of all the three “P”s. The college campuses, the churches, and our homes have vibrant young students who can create a great legacy like Ruth. This kind of peak performers can become a godly workforce building the kingdom of God in our nation.

Why is Ruth called a peak performer?

* Ruth was willing to attempt any kind of risks in order to accomplish God`s purpose for her life. (3:7-10)

*Right choices were based on an godly principles (3:10)

*Ruth was known as a worthy woman in her village (3:11),The community praised her that she was better than seven sons (v.15). Its not son preference, but worthiness of this woman.

Do we enlighten the youngsters who leave the portals of our colleges, homes and churches, on these dimensions of becoming a peak performer? Do we nurture them spiritually so as to enable them to make right choices in all walks of life by taking risks boldly as an act of devotion to their God given purpose? Do we get feedback on these youngsters as worthy women or men from their workplace, homes and churches?

It is time that a database is created by all ICEUs and a research study was undertaken to find out whether our objectives were achieved or not in the last 10 to 15 years of time .The secular world is seriously studying its objective monitoring Report and making strategic changes depending on the current need.

We need to seriously look into the support system provided to the youngsters which can enable them to bloom as peak performers. The godly support system provided by Naomi had created a suitable platform for Ruth to evolve as a peak performer. The need of the hour is to develop godly entrepreneurs like Ruth (one dimension of an Entrepreneur: Taking a pioneering step in a project and pursuing it with passion), through the right kind of mentoring provided by the support system. This support system acts as an incubation centre, where godly entrepreneur grows to become a peak performer in future.

Naomi provided a support system as a coach of an entrepreneurial leader. Coaches are called horse drawn vehicles, which take the passenger from where they are to where they want to go. The coach Naomi was an entrepreneur by herself, because she shared and communicated the vision to Ruth and enabled her vision to create a network. Naomi clarified internal and external obstacles which the young entrepreneur Ruth had to overcome. The characteristics of Naomi, which made her a distinctive coach. . .

* She had to take her decision all by herself in difficult moments (1:5). This developed decision making skills in her which later were translated in the life of Ruth.

* She took bold decisions without bothering the consequences (1:6) and she decided to return to Bethlehem

* She did not pass on her frustrations on Ruth, though she was a widow, she wanted Ruth to get married. She was not
controlling Ruth in her decisions (1:8,9).

* Naomi could see the spark in the young Entrepreneur (1:22, 2:2).

* Naomi did not know where Ruth went, but she trusted her (2:9).

* Transparency in communication with adequate cautions (2:20,22)

* Naomi did not use Ruth selfi shly, instead enabled her to be self-reliant (3:1).

* Creative ideas shared to the young entrepreneur, (3:2-4).Not as an authoritarian but more as a facilitator.

* As a responsible coach, Naomi stood with Ruth in her Cross roads (3:18).

Among the two women, one who is an unsung hero is the force behind a peak performer Ruth. Let us identify our Ruth,
in the college campus/ family / church. It’s time that we reflect on the support system that we provide for the young godly entrepreneurs as they try to become peak performers.

Let me quote Phillips Brooks and conclude: Get the pattern of your life from God, then go about your work and be yourself.


Dr Latha VasanthkumarAbout the Author

Dr Latha Vasanthkumar

The author is the principal of Lady Doak College, Madurai, TN. Along with her husband Dr Vasanthkumar, she has been involved in building many lives and families within UESI and outside.

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