Sacred Secret – Editorial


God has made us special by bestowing unique gifts on us. Ability to relate and articulate is one of them. Each one can develop a personal relationship with God through our Saviour with the help of the Holy Spirit as we relate with people around. Each relationship has a purpose and responsibility in it. When God instituted marriage, He purposed a sacred, intimate relationship to be experienced and enjoyed by a married man & woman as husband & wife. This bottom-line cancels all sexual expressions outside the boundary of marriage. Sex is sacred; also secret – that needs to be experienced and enjoyed within the boundary of marriage, between a husband and wife. Sexual expressions becoming common (by direct and indirect means), doesn’t mean that they are natural, nor a symbol of advancement whatsoever. Strangely undue importance is laid on the physical and emotional urges, neglecting its spiritual dimension. Our country has seen fights to legalize what is convenient, turning a blind eye to the moral and ethical values. The movements that advocate, human conveniences as convictions, are aggressive and impressive. Pornography, cohabitation, homosexuality and such are outside God’s intent. Christians are not immune to these bombarding, unless Scriptural standard is adhered to. One who is careless would get tarnished, emotionally, physically and spiritually. One’s attitude towards sex, and sexual orientation can potentially affect one’s spirituality.

Our wrestling against carnality continues till the end. All of us, married or single, must earnestly seek the fruit of the Spirit ( . . . peace, patience, kindness, . . . fidelity, and self-control [JB Phillips]) to move forward in sanctification with our minds and bodies  kept under God’s reign. As God’s children, being transformed from within, we must offer a solution to the problems and clarity to those confused, for a fulfilling  life in Christ.


P. John Jebaraj James jjj
Hon. Editor

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