Selfies and Beyond

The word “selfie” made it into the official Oxford dictionary in 2013. Selfie has unveiled a new era for self-expression to the world around. There are reasons & seasons to celebrate & share with others. Social media are to aid in magnifying the same with ‘likes and comments’ from all across the globe in no time. They can speak volume – of one’s perspectives, priorities, & passion, and so on.

In the process, we should never be limited to showing (about) us. A step forward by manifesting our God and Saviour can rightly mark of quality discipleship. To manifest the ONE who is changing us from within is a universal call for all believers.

The desire to express ourselves should not exceed our desire to express God. The Bible shows us irresistible examples – John the Baptist who said, I must decrease and He must increase; His selfie magnified Jesus.

Apostle Paul confidently claimed, “It is Christ who lives in me” – which implies that Paul’s life manifested Jesus. His identity was all that what the Lord meant to him.

Stephen’s prayer of forgiveness, painted a gripping portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ, to those who around.

To a child of God, it is the relationship with the Triune God is the paramount priority which governs other spheres of lives. The image of God, in us and His fashioning work on us, have inexhaustible content to share with our buddies. Let that beautiful self be shared among us.

P. John Jebaraj James

Hon. Editor

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