Servant Leader is a Leader Servant

Servant is a leader:
A servant girl of Naman led him to be healed by the prophet Elisha. 2Kings. 5.1-19
Jesus became a servant of all to lead. First He served by washing the feet of His disciples and wiped them with the towel. And then He explained what He did and the intention of it. Jn.13.1-15
‘A Leader who had no title’ a book written by a management guru Robin Sharma says one can lead even without a designation or label.
Salt remain invisible in the delicious food. Salt has to be a minority. But if it is less, all would start talking about it and ask for salt to give proper taste. If it is proportionate and food is tasty, no one will talk about salt. They would only talk about delicious taste of the meal. Jesus told us that we are the salt of the Earth who give taste, preserve and prevent decay.Mt.5.13.

Leader is a servant:
Your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus. Phil.2.3-5. What would Jesus think and do in a given situation? We are also expected to be like him.
If you want to be a leader, be a servant of all as Jesus served all. Unlike worldly leaders, a servant-leader need not always be powerful, as serving itself is powerful. If you want to be first, you must become slave of all. Mk.10.43-45

Leader is a Servant of God:
We may feel very good when we are introduced as “a great servant of God”. I used to wonder whether God is great or the servant is great! Serving God is the greatest privilege as He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s. How do we feel if we at least become a servant of the Prime minister of India or of the President of America! Then how much more we must feel proud of serving the King of all those leaders!

Leader is a Servant of people:
Paul said we preach Christ crucified and ourselves as your servants.
2 Cor.4.5. It is easier to be a servant of God than a servant of people. However becoming a servant of people is joyful when we realise that we represent Christ to them. And it is even more joyful to serve Christ by serving others. Because
when we serve others we are serving God Himself. Mt. 25.40

Jose Thomas, The author is Stewardship Secretary of UESI based in Chandigarh. His wife Lizzy also a staff of UESI and they are blessed with three children.

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