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She scolded him

Failing to set her priorities right, Martha ended up questioning Jesus Christ.

We a group of women on rainy noon met to discuss the topic “Balancing work and ministry”, in the light of God’s word. The discussion was led by Mrs.Manjula Premraj.

The discussion we had for nearly an hour made a lasting impact in me. I very often remember the discussion and it has impacted my life to a great extent. So, I thought I can share it with all of you.

Before proceeding, let me give you one additional insight on the topic. The term “work” in the topic refers to any kind of work, be it at home or office. The passage selected was Luke 10:38-42. Also, you need to picture yourself as Martha and proceed to read further.

Good intention: Martha invited Jesus and His disciples to her home. She intended to have an open home. She knew that the journey would be tiring, hence she invited them to take rest, refresh and continue the journey. The same verse in ‘Message’ version mentions (Vs. 39); she made them feel quite at home.

Missed to prioritize: Martha made the guest sit down and vanished to the kitchen. She never spoken with them, but was very busy inside the house. She was not part of the meaningful discussion that was happening at home.
Expected appreciation: Martha was hoping that Jesus would appreciate her hard work, may be say nice words on the tastiest food she had prepared and hopefully reward her for her hospitality. With these thoughts ongoing, she was getting irritated with her sister, who enjoyed chatting with Jesus and had not bothered to help her.

Scolded Jesus: With anger in her heart and with an irritated mind, she raised her voice not against her sister with whom she was angry, but questioned Jesus. “Master, don’t you care that my sister has abandoned the kitchen to me”. She accused Jesus for being irresponsible and partial; happily chatting with Mary and not advising her to be responsible. In fact, Martha was undergoing all this hardship for the sake of Jesus and His disciples.

Let›s self examine ourselves I would agree that most times I am like “Martha”. I invite students home with an intention to spend quality time with them; understand their problems and to help and support them. Then, I have the burden that since they do not get good food in hostel; and I end up planning a great menu. Once, the students arrive, I cheerfully invite them and then I end up in the kitchen, preparing a big meal. After the sumptuous dinner, it is almost time that they have to return back to their hostel.

How much did I fulfill the purpose of inviting them home? ; Did I spend quality time listening to what they wanted to pour out? Also, most times I have ended up exhausted, irritated because my family members did not come to help and I feel dejected if there is no word of appreciation.
In fact, Jesus himself pointed out gently that the Martha was worried about many things. In short, we entangle ourselves into too many things and struggle. During our discussion, almost all of us in that room felt that we were in the same situation.

Things that Martha forgot:
She could have just given what she had at home. The Lord who fed 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, would have done another miracle.
Jesus was a firm believer that man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word; she could have even ignored cooking and planned only few essential tasks.

She could have listed only the essential works, planned to share them with Mary; so that both could have spent time with Jesus.
SOLUTION FROM JESUS: Just ‘One’ important thing that is needed is our focus. We need to identify the main goal and prioritize in such a way that the main goal is achieved. This way, we will gain a lasting impact. Be it learning about God or teaching about God, we will surely have satisfaction in every act, if we follow this advice.

Our heavenly father will help, teach, and guide us as we desire to execute His plan every day in our lives.

This discussion was part of the Potluck lunch gathering organized by the Women’s Action Group (WAG) of Tambaram area, under the leadership of Mrs.Felicita Selvadurai. The WAG-Tambaram is a team of 8 women; they meet regularly every Friday morning for a meaning in-depth study of bible. Monthly once they gather to pray for all the ministry needs of the state and country.

Anitha Cecelia_1Anitha Wesley lives in Tambaram with her husband John Wesley, UESI-TN staff and they have been blessed with two daughters Abigail Johanna and Annshel Jochebed. Anitha works as a Biostatistician in the Pharmaceutical industry. As a family they have been involved with the EU ministry for over a decade.

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