Just as the strata of time is above the foundation of bedrock, no matter how much time we spend with God or with His people, if we haven’t built our life with Him as our foundation and not surrendered ourselves to Him then everything else is in vain. A few years back, before I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour I used to be active in fellowships and have my daily quiet time but my personal relationship with God would shake time and again because the foundation I chose was sinking sand. Now having my foundation built on the solid rock which is Jesus Christ, I do tend to shake at times and there are thunderstorms of sin all around me but I always come back to God who is waiting for me with love and forgiveness. There was a time when I chose to hear God’s word, a lot, but didn’t put it into practice. God wants us to be wise people who listen to His word as well as obey it. So let us not just be listeners but also doers of His word.

When we read the Bible, our goal shouldn’t be knowing more about the Word but knowing God more through His Word. To be strongly rooted in God’s word is of utmost importance for our relationship with Him. We should not be satisfied in giving time to read His word but making it our focus and priority. Before reading, ask Him to speak to you. Your reading of scriptures should resonate in your heart as you contemplate your life. My dad taught me that what I read in the morning should dwell in me throughout the day. Hebrews 4:12,13 tells us ‘The word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.’

Every believer with a firm foundation in Christ has a redemption story, a story of moving from death to life. It may be different from that of others but each story can be used a testimony and is precious in God’s sight. Acts 1:8 encourages us through the power of Holy spirit to bear witness to Jesus to the ends of the earth . Start your witnessing by praying for your friends, imagine the joy you’ll experience when they also come out of darkness into His wonderful light. Encouraging your friends with small surprises, a prayer over the phone, reasonable gifts at times or even a hug will reflect an image of Jesus through you. It is wonderful to enjoy with them but never defy yourself with sin as a means to enjoy. Stand out from the crowd just as Daniel did.

One of the most heart throbbing and wonderful core values of UESI is that of open homes for God’s people. It is not just adifficult option for us, it is our duty. Even the early church practiced hospitality. Acts 2:46: “They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”. There are families with small babies which need a lot of attention of their parents, (I remember my feelings when I was a baby) there are many joint families which require much coordination to function, there are families without a stable job, and those with unsupportive members, but with the strength of God we can surely strive to serve Him and His people. Step out of your comfort zone and take one step for God and you will see Him taking ten steps for you. In the words of my favorite author (Elizabeth Elliot), “Live your life in reckless abandon for the Lord putting all your energy and strength into it.” Even while enjoying a holiday we can have productive days and worship God. Rather than spending your day lying on your sofa or hostel bed with a box of pizza and watching Netflix you could take that pizza to your friend’s place who is holding a Bible study and have a time of fellowship there; or if your friend is going through a difficult phase and is far from loved ones, you can spend time with them and pray with them. These things may sound like a cake walk but they are not easy when it comes to practicing them in life. They will be easily done only when you have a strong foundation in Lord Jesus and submit to Him in all you do. Remember that in all you do, let Christ be the solid rock on Whom you stand because all other ground is sinking sand. There are going to be times in your life when everything shakable in you is going to be shaken, those are the times when you have to remember that God promises to you a kingdom – a kingdom which can never be shaken.

Ms. Stuti Farmer, is studying B. Sc., 2nd year in Dehradun. She loves singing and writing. She is actively involved in EU ministry.

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