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Speak else Shout for Christ?


The morning bright gleams of the sun pushed its fiery face through the available gaps between tall trees clearing the turbid fog. The striking rays of the sun unveiled the beauty of the 90 years old college in an enthralled manner; a narrow stony foot path made its way through the flowery green meadow up to the administrative block. Vasanth and Simon stepped into their new college together, they have joined for their under graduation in the Department of Biochemistry. They became thick friends from the first day of their college. Simon was born and brought up in a Christian family who had a zeal for Christ, whereas Vasanth too was a believer who had accepted Christ as his personal Savior recently. Simon served as a good friend to Vasanth, he was always there by his side in all his endeavors and moreover supported him in his spiritual growth in Christ. They both hanged together where ever they went as a team.

Days passed by, Simon and Vasanth not only tasted the love of Christ more but they also wanted to share it with their classmates as well. Everyone in the class knew them as Christians coz’ every Sunday they were punctual to Church; always prayed before starting any work; were honest, loving, sharing, never involved in any gossips or unnecessary chit-chats and were quiet, hence they were well respected among their classmates. Though they had the zeal to share the gospel they had no guts to share it directly. Thus both prayed about it together in their hostel asking God to show them a way and grant strength. As Simon was sleeping that night he suddenly came out with an idea, he shared it with Vasanth the next morning, they both felt comfortable with it. They waited for the right moment to put up their idea into action. That day soon arrived, the whole class was sitting and discussing some unwanted stuffs and gossips as the lecturer didn’t turn out for the class.

Vasanth suddenly opened the  speech, ‘Hey Simon! Do you really believe in the Bible and all that they say about Jesus Christ?’ OMG!!! Is it Vasanth who is asking?, a great shock took hold of the class, though Simon was not troubled with this question, but the rest of the class was. Everyone stopped their work, chit-chat, gossips, etc and all their eyes were focused on one SIMON keenly sharpening their ears for his answer. And Simon answered boldly, ‘Yes of course. Why are you asking about it?’

‘Sometimes I get this doubt am I worshipping the true living God? Or am I following the Bible in a blindfold manner’ ‘Vasanth, the Bible is not a book, it’s the Word of God instructed to men through the Holy Spirit’ ‘Yep!! That is what I doubt, is it really instructed by God? What is the proof?’ ’41 authors over a span of 1600 years have foretold about a single person Christ whom most of them didn’t even meet. If you ask any statistician in the world he can tell the wonder of the Bible and the incidents mentioned in them as the greatest milestone in the theory of probability. The old manuscripts of the Bible are still being preserved. The existence of Christ and His Word is not only a spiritual proof but also a scientific one.’ He didn’t stop with it but also started to  give scientific references and websites to check about the Bible and Jesus Christ. Besides Vasanth some of  his classmates were registering the web links along with him in their minds. As they continued the whole class got involved in their argument.

‘Ok….tell me, you said Christ came down from heaven in a human form to die for us, why He wanted to die for us?’

‘Coz’ he loves us. We all have sinned and fallen short for the glory of God, because He loves us very much He wanted to replenish the lost relationship hence He sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins as a living sacrifice so that we can be joyful with God eternally’

‘Vasanth, tell me seriously by believing Christ have you lost anything in life?’, continued Simon. ‘Nope!!! I haven’t…….in fact I have gained lots, true peace, joy, love, grace, miracles and lots of blessings in my life’, bloomed Vasanth. ‘So why are you doubting about following Christ?’ questioned Simon.

‘I got no doubt about my faith. . . just liked to get clear about things, I am really glad for worshipping the true living God. Okay Simon shall we go for a coffee’

‘Yes!!! I too needed it badly now’, and they pushed themselves out of the class. As they walked down the corridor, Simon said, ’Vasanth you were really great out there’. ’You too, the way you explained about the Bible with all those scientific proof and the reason why Christ chose us, it was truly amazing. Did you see the class at that time? Everyone was watching us and listening to whatever we spoke ardently. Do you think this will work?’ lowered Vasanth.

Simon answered, ‘Cheer up buddy, we have sowed the seed, let us pray and trust Lord to help it grow.’ Yes of course their seed did sprout, after the departure of Simon and Vasanth the silent atmosphere of the class was broken and their argument turned out as
the hot topic for discussion. The classmates began to analyze the truth behind Simon and Vasanth’s conversation, some mobile freaks logged into the internet looking out for the websites quoted by Simon regarding the Bible and Jesus Christ.

That night Simon heard someone knocking his hostel room, he laid down his Bible and opened the door to check out the person knocking. He was greatly astonished to see Vishnu his classmate, he entered in and sat next to Simon and asked in a low voice, ‘Simon … All that you spoke in class today … is it true? Can you tell me more about Jesus Christ?’ With great joy Simon thanked God and started to share the gospel to Vishnu.

As students many of us feel shy to share the gospel among our classmates and friends. It is the greatest obligation for us as Christians to spread the love and truth of Christ to the unknown people. Instead of wasting our free time in gossips, chit-chats we can discuss the miracles of God, the scientific truth behind the Bible, can access archaeological truths of Christ through net, talk about natural discoveries and biblical truth related to it, among our friends. If we have the zeal to share the good news of Christ, let us pray about it and surely God will give us  the needed Creativity for God’s sake.


About the Author

B. Senthil Kumar
Vellore EU, TN

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