Spirituality and Sexuality


In the beginning, as a culmination of creation, God made man in His image – male and female and blessed them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply , and have dominion over every living thing, Gen. 1:26,27. So man and woman had equal rights to rule over God’s creation. God made man out of the dust of the earth and breathed His very breath to make him a living being, Gen. 2:7. Man was given the responsibility of tending the Garden of Eden, Gen. 2-15. So far God’s verdict on Creation was ‘very good. ”Gen. 1:21.

The first time, God said “not good” was when God said “It is not good for man to be alone,” Gen. 2:18. Woman was made as a helper comparable to him. God made woman uniquely special by creating her from the rib of man, for Adam to marvel and rapturously claim ‘ This is bone of my bone , flesh of my flesh’. This is the significance of marriage, that man and woman shall be one flesh – a separate unit to create a family of their own. It was after the Fall when woman sinned and disobeyed God, that God gave her the role she was to play in the world ‘In sorrow and pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be for your husband. And he shall rule over you’ Gen. 3:16.

This is where the headship of the husband’s role in a marriage evolved. The husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the Head of the Church. Eph 5: 23, man should love his wife as his own body, Eph. 5:28. He should take this role seriously, to provide love, security and comradeship to his wife. He should allow his wife to blossom as a person, under his protection, and give her liberty to express her feelings, to fulfi l her desire to pursue a career, a hobby or her ministry in God’s work.

But the present scenario is an exploitation of the female –weaker, gentler sex. The victim is abused sexually regardless of her age –
innocent child, bubbly teenager, working woman or even an elderly woman. The molester may be a teenager, or an elderly man, a close relative may be father or uncle or a stranger on the street giving vent to his animal passion.

The only solution to this menace – is to educate men. The little boy at home should be taught to show respect to his mother and sister. The father should set an example of showing love to his mother for the child to see. In school, teachers should incorporate this respect for women, in the moral instruction. Even in our Bible studies and Evangelistic Camps this should be taught – woman is not to be seen as a sex object, but an individual to be respected.

Woman should in turn, embrace her unique position in society. She was created to be a helper to man, to bear his children, and submit to him. The modern liberated woman talks of woman’s rights and tries to break away from this God ordained role, and faces a great many sorrows and frustrations.

Enjoy being a woman, maintain your unique privilege and place in society as an attractive charming, graceful person. Educate yourself, enjoy your career. Enjoy being a wife, whom your husband eagerly comes home to. Enjoy being a home maker, a good cook. Enjoy being a mother – an awesome responsibility of nurturing the young ones in the knowledge, fear and love of God. No maid or grandparent can take your place.

Women are experts at multitasking, to deftly manage a career also. Do not defy your husband to get your independence as a career
woman at the cost of your family. It is not worth the sorrow and discord in the family. Let us follow a modest dress code. and not be
seen at late hours alone to avoid men’s misbehaviour. Let us be careful in our use of SMS, internet, facebook, avoid day dreaming,
infatuation and being alone with a person of the opposite sex.

In conclusion, God has made each of us uniquely man or woman to fulfil His purpose here on earth. Let us maintain our individuality and sexuality, and enjoy sex within the God ordained limits of marriage. Let us live Holy Spirit controlled, Christ pleasing lives, keeping our passions under check. Let there be no doubt that pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex are sin, scarring
the lives of those involved. Same sex relationships is SIN.

I address Youth

It is worth the struggle to maintain your virginity till you stand at the altar to take your marriage vows.

I address Married People

Stay clear of people of the opposite sex however innocent and legitimate the relationship.

Have no secrets from your spouse. Your best friend should be your spouse.

The Solution to Sexual Temptation

  • Substitute your thoughts of perversion with whatsoever things are pure, lovely and of good report – meditate on these things Phil.4:8.
  • Memorise Scripture.
  • Flee youthful lusts 2Tim.2:22.
  • Flee from wrong friends, wrong places and situations. Think of Joseph-how can I commit this sin against God, Gen.39:9.
  • Have good friends of the same sex, be involved in wholesome activities.
  • Get down on your knees and pray when assaulted with temptations and claim victory in the name of Jesus. It works.

Let us live under the Lordship of Christ, laying aside every sin that so easily besets us. Beware the smiling face of deceit, the bite of
adultery will leave a bitter after taste.


About the Author

Dr Christiana Joseph

The author is a practising sonologist, actively involved in UESI along her husband. They live in Tanjore, TN.

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