Student Giving

The practice of giving as early as a student is an evidence of a growing Christian. This reflects a vital aspect of discipleship and spiritual formation of an individual.

EU students need to show their love for UESI by giving to UESI. Local, state and national needs are shared through various communications.

Here are some practical ways for saving to give for mission:

Reduce on mobile call/data. May be short by Rs 100/ month.

Skip a tea/coffee to save a mite

Minimize eat-outs with buddies

Reduce purchase of a dresses

Travel by bus/train as much as possible and avoid auto/cab

Resist buying top-selling brands and upgrading to the latest smart phones (unless it is essential)

Refer college library books & online free resources instead of buying books; try e-books as well

Prefer clean water to harmful cool drinks

Start saving for your summer camp expenses like registration, travel and buying books.

Snippets of students giving

An EU member, instead of a birthday dress, bought Bibles and distributed them to the needy believing students.

A student sacrificed a new dress for Christmas and donated the money to a Discipleship Camp.

A student from a poor family saved whatever he could and brought a small polythene bag full of coins to an EU missions retreat.

If all 10,000 EU students contribute a minimum of ‘One rupee a day’ guess how much it will come to!!! It would be Rs 3 lacs every month. It can help UESI in reaching more students.

Amy Carmichael says, giving is possible without loving; but loving is not possible without giving.


Joy Esther Jebaraj
The author lives in Chennai with her husband John Jebaraj James, UESI staff and their son Jadon Jebaraj. They involve as family in UESI ministry.

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