Students’ Corner – A Pertinent Move

Raju jumped on to Ravi’s skinny shoulder and stretched out his arms waving in air, yet he could hardly reach it, after much difficulty and strain they were able to reach their target, John’s door bell. One hard presssssss . . . before John could reach for the door they disappeared as a lightning strike, opening the door John as usual found no one, cursing the kids he shut the door in a great thudddd .. . this was one of their favourite hobbies. Ravi and Raju grew up as the most mischievous buddies from school days, soon they both jumped into the same college for their under graduation in B.Sc. Chemistry continuing their friendship.

Raju was a studious guy in college, whereas Ravi was not, though he was a brilliant chap, his laziness and his want of having fun in
college parted him miles apart from studies. In spite of Raju’s constant and desperate advice, he neither reduced his fun nor concentrated on his studies, thus enjoying his college life to the core. Days rolled on without alarm, and soon the semester exam dates were announced. Raju started off with his preparations whereas Ravi was keen on his enjoyment, showing no fear of the nearing
semester exams.

A week before the exams, Ravi met Raju and pleaded him to show his answer sheet during the exams as his roll number was next to Raju’s, else he will fail for sure. Though Raju never wanted to support this kind of activity, Ravi’s tears moved him, after a long hesitation he accepted but he made Ravi to promise that he will study for the exams one hour daily with full concentration. He thought for a moment, one hour of study is definitely not going to interrupt my fun, so he happily made the promise and went home satisfied.
Ravi truly kept his promise he did study daily an hour, not for him but for Raju’s help during the exams. The day of exam did arrive, Raju and Ravi met outside the exam hall.

Raju enquired, ‘Ravi did u study as promised?’  He answered reluctantly, ‘Yeah I did, but that doesn’t matter; don’t forget to show me your paper, ok!’ Raju nodded in acceptance, in minutes both of them entered the exam hall smiling. A big shock waited for Ravi, the seating arrangements for the semester exams were shuffled making Raju out of reach. This unexpected twist brought unexplainable sense of depression in him, shortly the question paper was distributed. Ravi thought he is surely gonna fail in this exam hence he was
in no mood to even open the question paper. After a few minutes of confessions, he tried to glance through the questions, to his amazement some of them looked familiar and he also knew the answers. Thus he began to write down the known answers,  by the end of the exam he was able to answer most of the questions.

After the exam Raju asked ‘How was the exam?’ He replied with a frown, ‘It was okay. I was able to answer some questions I think I will pass this one, hope they will make us sit together tomorrow.’ Raju smiled reminding him, ‘Let’s see but don’t forget your promise
one hour daily.’ Ravi returned home and began to study beyond an hour, as the fear of Raju’s absence during the exam haunted him. Next day as Ravi feared the hall was reshuffled again making Raju out of his reach. Though depressed he went through the question paper and started to write the known answers, compared to previous day he did better. The semester exams ended, this was a different
experience for the whole class as each exam they were seated at different places.

After a month, the semester results were announced, Raju and Ravi went together to check theirs. Both of them have cleared the semester and to their surprise Ravi has scored well in all the papers. Raju was overjoyed and spoke, ‘Congrats Ravi! Just an hour
of study has made you to score well think how well you could have scored if you have studied properly from the beginning.’ Ravi realizing his mistake, answered, ‘Yes Raju, what you say is true I am sorry for not listening to your words, from now on I will start to study sincerely. And I am sorry for troubling you during the exams. ’ Raju was overjoyed at his words.

In fact, the entire semester exam seating plan was his. Raju being a true believer of Christ realized helping Ravi is certainly a sin, this
very thought burdened him a lot. He knew he cannot commit this sin as this will spoil his honesty and testimony if anyone hears
about it, neither can he break his friendship. He didn’t know what to do. He got down on his knees, pouring out his problem in prayer for the Lord’s guidance. Next day, he met his professor and told him Ravi’s intentions and he didn’t want to support Ravi and lose his integrity. The professor said he could arrange a different room for him to write the exams, but Raju refused as he knew very well Ravi could smell it and there was also a possibility that he would make out the same deal with the new guy who sat next to him. Hence Raju requested his professor, shuffling of seating arrangements for every exam hoping it might bring a change in Ravi’s attitude, as he was well aware of his character.

Many among us may face similar situations in our college life, friendly help is good, but it must not spoil our integrity. Taking efforts to cleanse our friends’ sinful thoughts and aid them in realization of their corrupted mistakes lies in our hands. To stay away or yield to the trials and temptations that spoils our character lies in our hands. Being true Christians, are we willing to be honest in midst of the pressures and urges? It is hard to try with our strength, and let’s carry such situations to God in prayer as He will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Have we trials and temptations, Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged, Take it to the Lord in prayer.


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B. Senthil Kumar, Vellore EU

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