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Students Corner


I was taught to pray in temples as I was born in a Hindu Rajput family from Himachal Pradesh. I was told that all religions and all gods are the same. My father was a truck driver who died in a road accident when I was 2 years old. My mother worked hard to give me good education. My grandfather was with us. He loved both of us so much. We can’t even imagine our life without his care, support and encouragement. Slowly my mother and grandpa recovered from the trauma as I grew up. I moved to a town for my studies. During that time I lost my grandpa. He was the only hope and strength for us. My mother was so much in shock, that she was hospitalized for 2 months. I thought that nothing good is going to happen any longer. I came to NDRI, Karnal for my research work during my PG. It is my dream come true. I met with new people. I met some people whose care and support I enjoyed. We became friends. One fine day, they invited me for the NDRI fellowship. I had never been to church before. I was in dilemma, whether it is a right thing to do.

Initially, though I was not able to understand much, gradually I realized God’s love. I became regular in attending the fellowship. He has chosen me as His child. God has changed me and has been guiding me marvelously in my studies, my research and my family. I began attending church worship, meetings, camps and outreach. During this period God has taken me to many places shared the Gospel. As I look back, I find myself much confident, satisfied, joyful, responsible, and patient than before. I was so much enlightened when I read in the Bible, that “He defends the cause of fatherless and widow,and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing. And A father to fatherless, a defender of widows is God in his holy dwelling.” God touched my life so many times when I was weak or I was in any trouble. By the motivation of my fellow believers, I started having my Quiet Time daily. I began to understand God’s Word as how
He wants me to respond to things around me. Now I know that God has brought me here with a purpose and a responsibility to share the Gospel starting from my family.


About the Author:

Kiran Thakur, Ph. D Scholar, Karnal


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